Drug epidemic in rural America

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  1. http://www.childcareexchange.com/library/5016418.pdf

    In every rural area that I have visited that
    is discussing the issue of increasing meth
    lab activity the talks are in the what do we
    do stage; nowhere have I seen a template
    for a solution. I have seen fear, denial,
    frustration, and increasing awareness.
    I have not seen much hope. I have seen
    moms, dads, educators, and community
    leaders wondering when “head, fingers,
    elbows, knees, and toes” changed from a
    children’s game to an inventory, after
    Main Street America suffered yet another
    home exploding in the hours before
    In many cases rural America is the
    location of the manufacturing facility for
    drugs that will be distributed and used in
    large urban centers where the use of
    methamphetamine is on the increase
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    Simple solution. Legalise it. If someone wants to wipe out their own life by getting hooked on something like meth then let them. There will be no need for dealers to exist when the demand is taken care of by people who know what they are doing, as opposed to gangbangers, hillbillies, and criminals.

    The majority of of drug related crimes will disappear if drugs are made legal. The war on drugs is another colossal waste of time/money brought to us by big government.
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    Agreed. I think that soft drugs and naturally occurring substances (pot, opium, mushrooms, etc.) should be legalized, regulated, and taxed. I think hard drugs should be decriminalized.

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    <img src="http://www.equalitytrust.org.uk/images/drug-use.gif">
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    LMAO! I guess you or your chart buddies don't get around too much, because I can personally dispute the "information" in that chart. This equality cult is just nuts. Wanting to pound everyone into some indistinguishable mass of cattle, to kill diversity and any semblance of human differences or uniqueness. They really just hate people I think.

  6. Headstart is a failure. So is this article and so are his observations.

    But it does bring up the chicken and egg analogy of which came first.

    Which came first in rural America?

    Drugs or inbreeding?

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    Hey ricter did you ever think about the fact that the drug use is what is causing income inequality, as opposed to income inequality causing drug use?

    I mean its not like there is a plethora of crack heads out there working hard enough to make a 6 figure living.

    If so, i couldnt care less if someone wants to waste their life in living in some crack house, and offering nothing productive to society, provided they dont come asking me for money. It was their choice to become a crack addict, they make the conscious decision to do it, and they will most likely lead a very unproductive life based on that choice.
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    Some productive people no doubt ruin themselves with drugs, but I feel the vast majority of ordinary people use drugs for comfort. Where more comfort is needed, more drugs are used. Rural areas have been in trouble for quite some time.
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    Doesn't explain the drug use in San Francisco now does it. LOL. Seriously, where do people come up with these statistics.
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    From what I understand, urban areas have higher instances of drug use than rural areas.

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