Drug based economy. Why not?

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  1. Lots of people are making good money growing legal pot, big boom and its helping the economy. Why not make the growing of all drugs legal and make our new economy a Drug Based economy?

    We can export all kinds of drugs to the world, get the chinese hooked on our drugs and get our trade deficit back on our side?

    This could replace our hollowed out industrial economy, our steel and other imports are shrinking while good paying white collar economy currently are being shipped to indians.

    So why not do this, I cannot see how it would hurt.

    Plus CBOT could trade pot,coke,heroin futures to hedge price movements for the growers.
  2. We can only estimate the billions of USD flowing into banks annually from the narcotics trade.
    If we instantly legalized all illegal drugs, some major banks would probably fold due to a lack of cash on hand because of the ensuing price collapse.
    Thenwe'd have to hit the "RESET" button for real.
    I believe the "black market" is propping up most economies on the planet.
    I know for a fact that Marijuana, even more than wheat and corn combined, is the # 1 Cash Crop in the US.
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    yeah everyone would want it then, demand up... it would take supply a while to catch up with the addition of an added bs taxs,, higher cost per oz.. your just trying to ruin my buzz:mad:
  4. US:

    For marijuana assume 10 million users spending $45 a week

    = 450 million cash X 52 weeks a year...

    almost $25 billion a year.... at 10 times earnings... thats one of the biggest companies in the world!

  5. They are legalizing marijuana in Denver. Permits to sell are about $3k after approval. I am not in favor of legalizing cocaine or heroin though.
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    As long as angel dust and ice is included, im all for your idea :)
  7. Not only increase revenues but decrease cost of housing drug offenders in prison.
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    Dang. When I saw the title of this thread, I was sure it was from Morganist.
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