Drudge reporting Bush wants WWIII if Iran goes nuclear.

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  1. Hell yeah, WWIII is positive for oil right? How much of a bull run did we see going into WWII? The world aint what it use to be. Or maybe history repeats.
  2. bluud


    what are you so scared of?

    I'm bored I don't really care what happens ... just something entertaining ... and I'm sick of tv type entertainments
  3. Can you read, a warning and a want are two different things.
  4. "In Andrew Hitchcock’s excellent book The Synagogue of Satan the author makes several revealing points that were particularly poignant. Hitchcock states “Iraq is one of six nations left in the world which do not have a Rothschild controlled central bank.” [2] Afghanistan was also a nation with an economy and currency free of Jewish Rothschild control. Is it mere coincidence that these two countries were the first to be invaded under the auspices of a “War on Terror”? Baron Meyer Rothschild stated unashamedly “Give me control over a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws.” [3] If you own the currency, you own the nation-state. It’s as simple as that.

    Which countries are still unmolested by the House of Rothschild? Here they are: “There are now only 5 nations in the world left without a Rothschild controlled central bank: Iran; North Korea; Sudan; Cuba; and Libya.” [4] Strangely enough, four out of the five are labeled as rogue states by the United States government and by Israel. In fact, Iran is at the top of the list to be toppled by our Zionist-Occupied Government. In the David Frum/Richard Perle neo-conservative handbook for endless war for empire, Iran, North Korea and Libya are countries that need to be “dealt with” meaning that either invasion or regime change are touted as desirable and in the case of Iran, imminent
  5. what really freak angers me is that parasites the likes of the rotschilds and the rockerfellas keep getting away with their mega-ponzi scheme and much worse with the aid of folks doing their bidding by jumping at you and calling you conspiracy nut or antisemite for mere uttering their names. ...what a sad state of affair we are looking at, innit
  6. Or idiot, or all of the above.

  7. This is Bush we're talking about. Do you rellly think there is a difference in his mind?
  8. No one wants WWIII, you half wit. Were you born without commonsense, or did it take years of mindless regression taught by nonintellectual personally frustrated instructors to mentally beat it from you.

    At this point in your life can you even reason and think on your own. Or instead do you allow yourself to fall victim to every left leaning phony prophet with a microphone or web site. You conspiracy guys have allowed yourselves to see evil intent in all humanity only to help justify your selfish personal failings. Grow the hell up.
  9. You're right. No one wants WWIII, and it will never happen...

    This time it's different.
  10. I haven't spent a lot of time in here this year. However, I see that the same old losers are in here shouting the same old slogans. I do notice that you've toned down the pseudo-british hood style of talking. If you look at your posts from a year ago, they were hardly readable. The 'innit' is the only bit of slang in there now. No doubt this is because you realized that that way of talking made you look an even bigger fool than the whacked out content of your posts, which mainly seem concerned with a) the idea that Laura Bush, circling in a black helicopter on Sept. 11, set off the explosions that brought down the WTC towers, while her daughters were the ones who planted the explosives, and b) the claim that the Jews are responsible for all your problems.

    Yes, the damn Jews... they're responsible for all your problems. If it wasn't for the goddamn Jews, all your dreams would have come true. Your own mediocrity has nothing to do with your outcomes. You aren't responsible for your lot in life.

    You want to know who's responsible?

    I'll tell you. It's the goddamn Jews.
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