Drudge Exposes Bogus Site That Outed Foley

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  1. What a surprise. It appears the site that started the Foley lynch mob was a hastily put together bogus site designed for that purpose. http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2006/10/the-bogus-blog-behind-foleys-fall.php

    Got to hand it to the Dem's. The republicans would never have the rocks to do something like that. If only Democrats could work up as much anger against terrorists as they have against Republicans.
  2. would you rather that foley not have been found out?
    Aide says he reported Foley 3 years ago
    WASHINGTON - A senior congressional aide said Wednesday he told House Speaker Dennis Hastert's office about worrisome conduct by Rep. Mark Foley (news, bio, voting record) toward teenage pages more than three years ago, long before officials have acknowledged becoming aware of the issue.
  3. if you sincerely believe that man should have been removed from duty for his actions, why do you begrudge the people who outted this sick criminal, whoever they were. does your partisan loyalty transcend your desire for justice?

    the GOP decided to sit on a landmine, who else is to blame
  4. I'm on record criticizing the leadership's handling of this. But the timing of this is clearly political. It's an example of real hardball politics, nothing else.
  5. actually i would say the timing is brilliant. if you are a democrat.(i am not)
  6. AAA does it again.

    Man, if only you and Captain Obvious would start a TRUE blog giving reasonable perspectives from the Left and Right.

    Well, as the Dems are fond of saying, it IS election time.....

    Overall, yeah, if they hated terrorists as much as they hate Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, O'Reilly, Limbaugh, and Coulter, we'd be doing a hell of a lot better, and our enemies wouldn't be laughing their asses off watching us fight each other and saying to one another, "See, they will win this war for us."
  7. The Dems are too smart by 1/2.
    Will backfire. Remember Wellstone.
  8. is it even established that this was necessarily a move by democrats? not to go moonbat, but bush was under the most intense heat over 911 last few days that i can recall in years. maybe this was a sacrifice bat.

    i think it's at least fair to raise an eyebrow at the fact that he was kept in an anti-pedo legislative role, given GOP knowledge of his prob

    if you find that ridiculous, pls be civil bout it

    does foley have any history of offending his bosses? why would dems confound their own progress on a key issue? sex sells i guess
  9. hey some of us supported all of those people until they showed how incompetent they are. i used to listen to rush and oreilly every day until they proved what frauds they were.
  10. If this site was put together by the Democratic Party for the sole purpose of outing Foley close to election time, then they are guilty of sitting on the news since at least July 28th, when the site went live. If this is the case, then they are obviously more interested in the election than in saving our children from sexual predators. Congress really makes me sick these days.

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