Drop Day7793...well, anywhere but here

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by trader56, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. This kid - clearly this is the case from the tone and stylistics of his "writing" - is creating nothing but inflammatory, useless posts.

    It's one thing to have a difference of opinion, but his posts are nothing but statements and put-downs, followed up with name-calling. Now the people on his threads do their fair share of that, too, but given the tone of his eruptions, it's hard to blame them for taking the lash to him.

    I've noticed repeatedly that the Rules of Conduct are ignored, and that this seems to be tolerated in the interest of pumping thread count/views, perhaps?

    When I read the Rules, name-calling was certainly not a part of conduct on ET.
  2. maxpi


    I really think that if we had a profile of which people are on ignore the most and some choices for our accounts like "put the ignored top 100 on ignore" with degrees, like top 100, top 500, etc we could easily all be happily ignoring the biggest pests... ET could call it Elite Trader Raid Pest Single Application Technology, like the Raid bug spray for pests...... it might hit technology fame and become known as ETRPSAT, it is sort of a recognizable acronym, of course NA's [new acronyms] are a bother but whatever... if ET doesn't do it, somebody else will............

    I'm making light here but it's a serious suggestion really and I think a pretty good one, people could develope their own pest tolerance level and adjust accordingly........
  3. MonericH


    Ignoring the troll is the best option , IMO!
  4. *Yet another fantastic feedback idea that will never be implemented.

    Keep in mind that the entire feedback section was set up by Baron so that he could get tons of fantastic fresh new ideas from ET members... and then proceed to ignore nearly every single one of them, no matter how logical or popular the new suggestion may be to everyone else.