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    Before a passenger airliner is accidentally brought down by some idiot flying a $400 drone lets require anyone operating *any vehicle* in civil airspace to have a pilots license.

    You can't just let Joe Schmoe fly a drone into controlled airspace. This ought to get fixed before we are debating it in the foreground of some field full of bodies. Seriously.

    I'm interested in what Lucrum's position might be on this. He is the one who is in the direct line-of-fire here.

    Class G is ok but anything above that should require a license and radio communications with TRACON.

    Or require drones to be equipped with a transponder. That will erect a cost and weight barrier.
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    Lucrum was banned because he was inferiorly evolved

    He was still afraid of anyone who didn't look like his Mommy

    Can't last long in this world that way
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