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    If you set a budget gps drone to use waypoints, can you get it to follow the path and return even if wifi drops, or does it pus out on you?
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    See you're not getting a response so try this forum, it's excellent has been my experience.
    You will need to sign up to post a question I think.
    This site covers every aspect of drones and plenty of very clever people.

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    • DJI Drones will return to home when wifi drops.
    • I have a DJI Mavic Air 2 and have lost contact a few times.
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    Can you turn that off or are you stuck with it?
    • I don't know if you can turn that feature off.
    • I also think the waypoint feature in DJI Drones is a 3rd party app and not a DJI app. I have never used it.
    • I navigate out-of-sight using Google Maps or the camera.