DRL (again)

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Hydroblunt, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. Second try at this. The bad news seem to have stopped and more than priced in. Took a while.

    Been placing some orders around $2.50.

    Once it's clear that the issues have been cleaned up, the bigger banks would look at this as an acquisition target.
  2. Excuse me Hydro, but I believe that what you are doing is called gambling, not trading.

    If you want to get serious about this business you will have to let go of that pipe....

    jkwu :D
  3. Looks good to me down here, stop out at a new low, close!
  4. It's not gambling, I have been following this company since the fiasco started. It is speculative. DRL is traded way below enterprise value and has the makings of a turn-around story. However, it all depends on their marketing plan. They have been paying off liabilities and working to improve the financial picture.

    DRL went from being #1 in PR to #4. Do you think it has no chance anymore? It's not like they just up and left

    I can recall several other stocks that went through this in the last 5 years. DRL would not be a 2 dollar stock if they were doing everything correct and right away. I'm placing faith in the management to not waste an opportunity of a turn around.

    Sh*t, all banks are inherently bankrupt, I'm pretty sure DRL can paper shuffle away into a success again.
  5. Cool.

    I think SBSA looks better though.....

    Good luck!
  6. Will take a look. I know carriers are buying up towers.

    I actually never got filled on DRL and the lack of GTC orders on Sogo did me a favor. I'm jumping into CDE instead, I like this much better and I like metals.

    Only thing on DRL that bothers me is the lack of the spike for the final shakeout. Keeping an eye on it to see how it handles 2.40-2.50 area and if it goes to test the lows. There could be a much better entry opportunity here or instead, a better confirmation if it goes right back above 2.50
  7. Briefing just ran this....

    14:21 DRL Doral Fincl ticking higher in recent trade; hearing some vague chatter of possible private equity interest (2.45 -0.01)

    There has been a lot of M&A rumors today... we can't confirm the validity of this, but just pass it along since it's moving the stock.