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    If anyone has experience with the following harware I'd be happy for some advice.

    I have an Appian Jeronimo Pro (32Mb 2 port) PCI card running my No 2+3 monitors (WinFast AGP card for No1 - came with machine). Running with Win 98.

    1. Can I upgrade this setup to XP as Win98 crashes all the time and it is just driving me nuts! I didn't see any 'XP' drivers on the Appian FTP site, but noticed MSFT said XP supported the relevant chipset - so are they there already?

    2. In the meantime the Appian isn't driving my Sony GDM-5410 (Sun) monitor at a very nice refresh rate. I can't get this to set as other than 'optimal' or 'default' for 'plug and play monitor', and 'GDM-5410' doesn't appear in the list of Sony drivers (don't have this problem with the AGP card/this monitor combination). This is the latest driver version from the Appian site and they say in the FAQs that you are able to set the refresh rate to a value with the latest drivers!

    Any pointers appreciated!:confused:
  2. I asked the same question to Appian since I'm going to XP and here was their response:

    Windows XP is Microsoft's next version of the Windows NT platform (technically it is actually Windows NT 5.1).

    Windows XP should be able to use Windows 2000 drivers, so our products that have drivers for Windows 2000 should work.

    Additionally Windows 2000 has a driver for the type of chip we use on the Jeronimo Pro, the 3dLabs Permedia 2 graphics chip. Windows will detect the Jeronimo Pro as four of these. You can use this driver if you wish, or upgrade the driver to our Windows 2000 driver for the Jeronimo Pro. This will allow you to install and use Hydravision 98.

    Jeffrey Cornish
    Technical Support Manager
    Appian Graphics Technical Support
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    Thanks for the info... much appreciated.
  4. I am a complete nocive when it comes to hardware. I called Appain to install the drivers, etc with my Jeronimo Pro. I also upgraded to XP from Windows 2000 without any problems whatsoever.
  5. Good to know it is easy to do. I'm also a novice. I just got a new computer, bought the Jeronimo Pro off EBAY and plan on installing tonight.