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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by corb313, Dec 30, 2005.

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    I have a hp a420n. I bought a radeon 9600 se when I bought the machine, as well as a logitech mx500 mouse. Never had issues with it.

    Two years later the video card died(about a month ago), and I bought a x800 pro by Asus. Now I have issues with the card and the mouse operating together.

    If I install the ati drivers for the card and the logitech drivers for the mouse, the mouse will randomly jerk down to the bottom of the screen. This is the computer I use at home, and when my son plays videogames on it, it does the same thing.

    Later I tried uninstalled the mouse drivers and using plug and play by windows. This has proven to be most effective, yet still has issues. The cursor will "stick" in places, mostly the right hand side of the monitor, and will randomly move when the mouse is sitting still.

    I've tried other combinations including third party drivers for the videocard (Omega Drivers) and still had issues. The windows drivers for the video card have the same issues. Any help is appreciated.
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    switch mouse, if the same problem disappear then it could be your mouse need some cleaning, it sound like one of rubber roller is going bad.
  3. corb313


    rubber rollers? I have an optical mouse.

    Any other ideas? It is quite a bother. It also closes browser pages, randomly hits the back button, alt tabs, etc.

    Edit: Oh and the usb port fails to recognize it sometimes, so I am having to use ps/2
  4. Examine the surface that the mouse is on to eliminate that as an issue. The MX500 is a great mouse. If the optical sensor passes over a crack in your mouse pad or some debris, it will cause it to jerk. Also, check the optical part of the mouse and clean it with a cotton swab. This eliminates that as a problem. Next, try using a different USB port to plug into. Also, don't use the drivers that came with the mouse, use the latest ones from Logitech's website. Same with your video drivers. I have had this problem before with an MS mouse. I ended up chucking it to solve the problem and that's when I discovered Logitech's MX series. Good luck.
  5. That is many times a problem. If you use a mousepad with a print on it, the mouse can go crazy. It will be disturbed by the changing colors of the mouspad.
    Do a test with a mousepad that is in 1 color with no drawings, pictures or anything else on it.
    The mouse loses her coordination because of the different colors it "sees".
  6. Got same problem in a mouse that is optical, it moves to the top right of the screen by itself, if I replace with other mouse is fine.