DRIP accounting software

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by shortbleu, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. I own dividend paying stocks in a taxable account and I am looking for a Dividend Reinvestment Plan accounting software to help me keep track of my dividend reinvestments, calculate the cost basis, and show the accounting entries. Ideally the software should also produce tax reports.

    From a Google search I found:

    Dripwizard.com but their website seems outdated (their website says they are going to release a new verison of their software in July 2011!!!), the link used to buy there software is broken and they did not respond to my emails.

    Quicken and Turbo tax, I did not find a lot of info on them.

    If you know an easy to use and efficient software, can you please send me some infos, links etc?

  2. Forgot to tell the software also needs to handle, stocks splits, mergers, spin offs... for accounting purposes
  3. Please help
  4. any help please?