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  1. How often do you all drink alcohol?

    How often do you drink while socializing "out on the town" or whatever?

    Whenever I get drunk, I remember why I keep telling myself "I'll never drink again". There's that moment at the bar...suddenly you realize you're past the point of no return. You're officially shit-faced hammered and figure you might as well go down in flames so it's shot after shot. beer after beer. drink after drink. Then the world starts getting crazy. Time, voices, circumstances, places and obects all swirl together in that alcohol vortex that starts sucking away like a leech at your own coherence.

    Before you know it, you're in the backseat of a car being "that guy"...oh yeahhhh, your buddies will be talking about you and "how drunk you were last night".

    One moment you're putting on cologne to go out, next minute you're stinking drunk in the backseat praying for death. Suddenly, some kind of primal conciousness comes out of the splintered time fog and alerts you to the fact you're going to vomit...but you have no idea how long you've felt this way. Yuck.
    Everything becomes a way to gauge your own dizyness and your stomach feels hot and ready to barf up 30 bucks of liquor. You can taste whatever it was that you drank. Maybe a little tequilla. Maybe some vodka or whiskey. Or, if you're a real trooper, you've got a gut full of beer sloshing around and you can taste that in your throat.

    The worst part is when you know you're going to barf, but you haven't yet.
    Mouth starts watering and you start drooling everywhere. Your esophogus and stomach start taking practice heaves before the main event. Your skin feels clammy and gross and your eyes are tired and just want to rest. But, no...your body isn't gonna let you get away with it this time.

    And you guys know the rest. The reflexive mouth opening and the sound of all that liquid hitting the toilet or pavement or mattress. Bwwaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh........

    Fuck drinking. IT's like: "man, I'm gonna go drop some money to get dizzy, nauseaus and then vomit. Hopefully I'll make an ass of myself along the way because, even though everyone else acts like a bafoon when their drunk, I never do. I'm one of the cool drunks."

    Drinking is crap. Stick to drugs. At least pot.
    Reefer time...

  2. good post, dude. lol

    for me, i make an effort not to overdo it. i'm definitely a good drunk. i never get violent or overly stupid. i know when i'm reaching my limit and then i back off. i'll throw up maybe 1-2x a year from drinking. sometimes i just fuck up. but usually i keep it under control very good. some people just can't do this, though. i know people that lose total control so easily. i don't know if there's much help for that type...

    i will agree, at the moment i'm throwing up/just before, it's the worst feeling and i'll usually think that i'm never drinking again. but that never happens. beer is my friend.

  3. I hear ya, man. I never liked drinking that much, but I did it alot in college. To me, drinking was never that fun because I lost the mental component. I don't like to ingest anything unless it's going to alter my perspective. Alcohol just makes me lose perspective completely. So it never really made my boat float.

    In college, me and my friends would drink these concoctions called "long island milkshakes"...which were basically long island iced teas with way more alcohol, with chocolate liquer, sugar cubes, half-and-half dairy creamer, etc. We'd frappe it with a blender and knock 'em back all night. If you drink one, it's just downright lethal. But I'd have two, three...sometimes four. Each one has about 5 shots of various alcohols in it.

    Try barfing that up at nights end. Eww...

  4. I've never been drunk. Everything you've described seemed to be what getting drunk usually involved, and the whole idea never attracted me.

    I was out with a guy I know last saturday at the open-air concert, he was going to his A.A. meeting right after. I mentioned karaoke (he's a musician) and he started saying how uncomfortable he might be in a bar environment, and told me how he CANNOT have just one drink.

    The guy is nearly 60 years old. He has been sober about 25 years, but still feels he NEEDS A.A. to keep him ok.

    What's the big attraction with altering your mind anyhow? To me it seems like pouring soda into your computer so it can amuse you with the unexpected silly effects it will cause in your computer's operation. Seems if people respected their own (irreplaceable) brains 1/10th as much as the respect their $500 computers, they wouldn't put themselves through all this garbage.

    If you haven't already, it sounds like you might want to check out Alcoholics Anonymous. If you CANNOT simply have one drink and then stop, you may need to get the support they are supposed to give.
  5. I nominate this for post of the week. Intelligent, original and honest. Beats the shit out of the other crap on this site.
  6. Sorry, to clarify...I meant the ORIGINAL post by Maelstrom...everyone needs to occassionally alter their reality, I just happen to agree that the drinking thing is probably the worst possible way...
  7. Yes, PLEASE do NOT accuse me of being intelligent, original, and honest. Those aren't qualities that get a person respected.

    Thank you
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    $30.00 of liquor..... Thats 2 drinks on south beach.
  9. gekko, you need to stop hanging out being a drunk
  10. The problem with the AA orthodoxy is it demands total abstinence and can't accept an alternative. Alcoholics/addicts are taught they can't ever go back.

    I have a friend who is an addiction counselor and he has had success with certain individuals in teaching them to moderate their use of alcohol (or drugs) so that it no longer is destructive to thier lives. Erstwhile alcoholics have become moderate social drinkers.

    Some can't ever drink again but some can.
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