Drinking vodka and trading

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    Do you find that drinking vodka whilst trading tends to provide you with a bias towards a bullish market outlook or a bearish outlook.

    I'd be very interested to read further analysis/input by other traders who drink vodka during working hours and how you feel about this subject.

    Obviously too much isn't helpful... Personally, I find that drinking 1/4 to a 1/2 a 70 cl bottle during the pre-market session creates a very bullish mentality/sentiment.

    This is a serious question.
  2. What's the "Break Even" point on your trades whilst drinking?
  3. What is it with these retarded threads these days?.....

    alcohol gives ppl a sense of hightened(often unreasonably high) sense of cockiness and confidence. Well, we all know what happens to these ppl at the end.
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    With all due respect, I'm not altogether certain of what you are trying to establish with your question? I'm not familiar with your system, or how you define probabilities etc.

    My question is quite simply asking how drinking vodka (within proportion, not over doing it) affects the psychology of a daytrader.

    This is a very important question considering we are witnessing what could potentially be THE bull market of all time.
  5. Haha, you're actually serious here. Its a play on words - I'm picturing you, your monitor busted alongside that vodka bottle... but finding that break even point, kinda hard.
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    Excuse me... If you don't have any worthwhile input please step aside and post on another thread that you yourself define as worthy of your well learned experience.

    For what its worth, I'm not in the game to break even. I'm in the game to make a profit.

    I'm shorting a well known market this week, do you care to guess which one it is?
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    you are an OP that cannot stick to the subject of his own thread. are u under the influence of a home brew?
  8. CrazyBoy


    No, not at all under the influence as I've only drank a few shorts today. I'll leave the larger volume until tommorow morning.

    If psytrader is a trader, he will know what I'm shorting....

    Ok, let me define the question another way...

    Does drinking vodka compound your personal interpretation and (reaction to) of dynamic events?
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    Ok thankyou for your input.... I'd appreciate it if you can now answer the following question.

    What happens to the average 'cocky and confident' trader during a bull market?

    Also, on a side note... Are you trying to say that you know when a bull market ends!?
  10. I drink champagne when I trade. Generally I find that trading drunk is like driving drunk. You tend to more careful and aware of your perceptual limits. Trading drunk kills fewer people, unless you get falling-down drunk and fall out of your chair and break your neck. Also I find that I feel less impulsive about cutting short a running profit. You know, kick back, "Que sera, sera."
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