Drinking as a substitude for Meditation!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Merc, Aug 23, 2003.

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    Weekends are especially hard to cope with. At least at weekdays I have trading and errands to run. But weekends it's like looking at myself in a mirror. All you can see is the reflection of yourself.
    Can't even concentrate on studying trading and research on the web. Nothing helps. As of meditation, no success on that field either, so far.

    So the only thing I left with is drinking. Yeah baby, I am back!
    At least I get that temporary release from myself, from my thoughts, etc. (Well, you all know what I mean!).

    And the only reason I am writing all these, it's because I respect you all so much. Because the person who choosed this path of trading mastery is really on a search of freedom, even though this word has different meaning for each one of us.

    So my question is: Am I going down? Am I risking to be deleted???

    Is anybody experiencing the same?

    Your humble servant of ET brotherhood,


    p.s. forgive me if I quoted somebody else, from the large number of books I have read,I can't remember what is mine and what is not.

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  2. I hope you're drinking red wine! Please don't tell me that you're drinking Coors Lite! :)
  3. Life is hard. It is not suprising that so many people drink. The older you get the less you are able to distract yourself and its amazing how long a day can be without distractions. I have no answer for you, my friend, except to say that you have a lot of company.
  4. Merc


    No, my friend, I am drinking Canadian Whiskey - 'Gibson's', the best of it's kind.
    Number 2 is 'Crown Royal'!


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  5. BSAM


    "Substitude".....Better slow down Merc. It's already affecting your spelling.:D
  6. Merc


    That's interesting!
    As I was starting this thread with a search for an answer, I got it from 'The Majesty of Calmness' (in the same Psychology forum)
    But read about it, and live it day by day, is two different things.

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  7. drinking isn't a substitute for anything. think of destructive habits such as drinking or smoking as a weakness that is to be overcome. maybe that will give you the incentive to stop.
    if you had a weakness in your trading that was costing you every day you would try to fix it. same thing here.
  8. Whamo


    Drinking every once in a while is not an issue. Drinking frequently or always drinking heavily on the weekends or when specific problems arise in your life is a problem that you will deal with at some point in your life. No better time to deal with it than the present.

    If meditation doesn't work try a physical activity to the point of exhaustion, with or without being followed by meditation. (Make sure you build up your conditioning before you do this.) It's amazing how good I feel after hitting heavy bags, weightlifting, running, or doing martial arts to exhaustion. Doing this will help clear out all the noise in your head.

    The ability to control your drinking is just as important as maintaining the discipline to trade your system. Think of it as discipline practice for both...

    Good luck!
  9. I would figure that meditation would help- drinking definitely would, but I agree- RED WINE is the only way to go. Whatever you do, don't smoke the crazy tobacco- I have heard time slows down, which seems like is not a good idea for you.

    nycdt ;-)
  10. Time is slower, but with a smile - just remember, "everytin' is gonna be aright." And use, don't abuse. There is a place for all things in moderation. Well, maybe not all things... jumping off a bridge in moderation doesn't seem right to me, but then some might argue...?
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