Drinkin & Drivin like a Kennedy

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    "Uhhhhhh hay Ocifer, doncha know who I is? Uhhhhh, just cuz meee lights haffens to be ofens, annie `most smached inta ya, doze not mean that I as think you drunk I is.

    Plus, I is late, wayyyyy late for impotent govnet vote. Yessir, tryin to bend space and time to get for hurz back."


    However, he's still overqualified for the DNC, as evidenced by the fact no officers were allowed to investigate. It's not like he drove off a bridge and drowned a campaign chicki-poo. Not that it matters, there's no way some trivial thing like that could get a liberal in any sort of trouble.
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    Unfortunately the media treats any Kennedy alcohol/drug/rape story with the same zest that they treat blacks engaging in a hate crime against whites. Both stories fail to pass the man bites dog test that defines news. A Kennedy driving drunk? Hell, he'd have to be cruising along with an intern, crash, allow her to drown and then wait ten hours to report the accident for it to be news. A Kennedy driving drunk occurs with the same frequency as someone crossing the Rio Grande......
  4. Drinkin & Drivin like a Kennedy ain't that difficult.
    The hard thing is to never go to prison for it.
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    Reports are that he was weaving before the accident and smelled of alcohol. If it was one of us, we would have spent the night in jail, had a huge fine, lost our license for at least several months, and then paid much higher automobile insurance for the next few yrs.

    Kennedy, he gets a free ride home and tucked into bed by the cops.

  6. "when i returned, maryjo and the cah were gone"
  7. Maybe we can compare "drinkin and drivin like a Kennedy" to that of dumbya's drinking and driving records?

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    Yea, let's compare.

    W was a private citizen at the time.

    He cooperated fully. Read the arrest report.

    W stopped drinking. Name one Kennedy that has stopped drinking.

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    Not to mention, unlike Senator Chapaqudick, Bush never killed anyone while driving.
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    Don't forget the coverups. Kennedy ran home and didn't call the cops until he sobered up. This latest joker never had a field test to see if he was hammered, the cops just took him home.

    Could you imagine the outrage and the 12 inch headlines in the paper if say a Republican had done this and was driven home without a test? It'd be 24x7 coverage on CNN.

    But is anyone surprised? Of course not. Business as usual. A Democrat screws up, sweep it under the rug. If it somehow gets exposed, downplay it.

    Funny thing is, guess what? Rush's drug problem is not going to be an issue any more. The left wing media will have too hard a time trying to play up Rush while downplaying Kennedy.

    And the left hates Rush a whole lot more than they love all the Kennedys put together. Heh heh heh.
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