DRG will it go higher?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gartley222, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. Jus thtought i would post to see if anyone had some insite on the DRG index.
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  2. This is such a tough group to guage.

    These were held so dear in the 1990's and now no one but no one wants them.

    The contrarian in me say to step up..but if you look at the piplelines, and competition from the generics..this is a battlefield.

    The only one we like now is PFE, for the pipeline is the best, and the Medicare passage helps PFE the most.

    As for the others ..MRK is a crapshoot..but worth a shot here..WYE is garbage....LLY is expensive.

    As to the rest...really mixed ..try the PPH ..instead of betting on a single one.

  3. boris


    could you explain a bit about the things on your chart besides the gartley pattern.

  4. Cutten


    I like BMY and MRK due to the undemanding valuations, attractive dividend yields, and prevailing bearish sentiment. IMO they are a much better place to park spare cash than a money market or bond fund.