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Discussion in 'Journals' started by MrsSavant, Sep 24, 2005.

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  1. Martha, theres a new girl in town, move over.

    I am contemplating a buy in the EUR/USD say...

    Whatever the entry price is at midnight est on Monday with a 17 pip stop and a 54 pip target.

    I will post some statistics (screenshots) from one of Electrics old DOS programs that he bought years ago..

  2. more stats
  3. .
  4. ..
  5. ..
  6. savant finally u drop this non-directional nonsense and try to learn directional trading.
  7. sunnyskies

    Oh quite to the contrary. Electric is probably going to add money to Cash & Carry.

    I still will be able to outperform him for a few years to come.

    What do you think of my approach with these stats, sunnyskies?


  8. This is what I am planning on doing soon.


    Market order 2 MINI'S

    20/60 TP/SL (1:3 RISK TO BENNY RATIO)

    Take half off at TP move SL to BE and go for 20 more

  9. EUR/USD filled 2 mini's at 1.2043
  10. So did you short or long Euro? And what is your TP / SL? It is kinda hard to understand what you wrote in previous post.

    20/60 tp/sl.....you have a tp of 20 and a stoploss of 60?
    #10     Sep 26, 2005
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