Dressing up a resume.

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  1. I am looking for a little help here.

    I have been trading for the past 7 years and I am ready for a job change. My profitability has significantly diminished over the last couple of years and I have become burned out on the daily grind of daytrading.
    Over the past 5 1/2 years I have traded for prop firms and the past 18months for myself.

    I am currently working on my resume and I am having a great deal of difficulty describing what I do, my skills that I have acquired, and how I can "sell" myself on paper.

    Does anyone have any ideas, terms, or skills that you can help with?


  2. dr_sean


    The resume can suck.

    What should you say about getting out of the prop business? I've wondered this question myself...not in prop yet but asking myself what I'd do if things go wrong.

    A lot of times your resume will go in the trash can. If you can, have a pro right it. The cover letter too. Personalize yourself, but don't make the resume out of style. I don't like objectivies/mission statements I think they're a way to take up space. Same with "relevant coursework", unless you want them to know that you know something relevant like Java or C++.

    I see a lot of back office associate jobs...probably a cut but might be some solid potential if you show the dedication and knowledge, and put in your time.


    one tip: emphasize the fast paced environment in which you worked. Talk about the adrenaline and pressure and how you think it's helped you.

    Not on the resume, but for the CL, and interview chat.
  3. If it makes you look good I'd put your CAGR and Sharpe ratio on there. This would be if you're going up for another trading job. It makes a big difference if you are getting out of prop trading because of failure versus being successful at it but wanting to do something else for a living.
  4. Thanks, a couple of good ideas.

    The hard part is getting the resume past the gatekeeper. I have not networked enough so I do not have very many contacts to get me in the door.

    I have confidence in my ability in an interview, it is just the resume and painting the past 7 years in a favorable way.
  5. lie your ass off.

    get a buddy to use as a reference and the world is your oyster.

    the word daytrading carries roughly the same clout as convicted pedophile. i dont advise using it on a resume.

    figure out what job you want and engineer your resume accordingly.
  6. I am keeping the word "daytrading" off of the resume completely.

    I am just wondering what phrases or activities I can "create" that can make what I do a little more appealing.

  8. What were you doing before you took up trading? as well as, do you have a degree, and if so what major?
  9. Say that you were a hedge fund manager.
  10. Uh, I wouldn't say that you were a hedge fund manager since that is a lie.
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