Dresser for trading standing

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    Lately I have been using this set up, and I am loving it. I am using a dresser for trading while standing and it is very comfy, should I say perfect:


    (not the actual dresser, just for illustration)

    The laptops are on the top shelf, just a bit below my eye level, so I have to look a bit down. The mouse is on the shelf below, pretty much parallel with my bent arm, very comfy. I can put my other elbow on the top shelf and rest my head on my hand (while wondering about the market's move).

    Now there is nothing on the desktop part, but sometimes I put my leg up for stretching and again, it feels really good! I can do hours like this before I sit down again. Try and and you will see what I am talking about.

    If I put one leg up, elbow on my knee, my head supported by my fist, the dresser is supporting at least 1/4 of my weight while my spine is still straight. For people with lower back problems that is priceless...
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  2. Here's a guy that always stood while working!

    “I stand for 8-10 hours a day. .." Don Rumsfeld