Dress Politicians like Nascar

Discussion in 'Politics' started by PocketChange, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. I think it would be much more entertaining and real if all politicians dump their $2000 suits and dress in Nascar style jump suits bearing the logo's and country flags of all of the special interests they represent.

    We can have Red, White and Blue jumpsuits to showcase their party affiliations along with a small state insignia.

    These standardized congressional duds should all be equipped with a real time contribution ticker streaming across their back. They should be spiffed by their sponsors every time they state their name. These uniforms should have embedded audio and speakers so when they mention the companies it plays their respective jingles or 5 second advertisement.

    The next generation uniforms should have electronic muscle controllers built in so their sponsors can operate them remotely by joy stick. All of their talking points can be stored in the embedded ipod set to play on demand.

    All committee meetings and negotiations should take place in a no holds barred MMA Octagon requiring tapout or submission to win your point.

    A National scoreboard should be published showing each sponsor, contribution, politicians owned and points won.
  2. Nice idea, but would it really impact the way people vote?

    If some senator is wearing patches for Budweiser, Skoal, Smith and Wesson, and a Dixie flag, they are going to get the red state support.

    Same with the blue states.

    Really, would Michele Bachmann supporters care if she was caught in a three way with a couple of couple of porn stars...would her supporters change their opinion about her?

  3. pspr


    You forgot about the lawmakers creed. "Make No Law That Infringes Upon The Elite Rights, Dignity Or Compensation Of Any Lawmaker."

    Nice try, though.
  4. Funny .... it's a good idea. you should send it into SNL.

    GS hands Obama a check for 1m campaign contribution, then hands him a free Goldman Sachs, T shirt.

    Obama declines the T shirt offer "Sorry, I can't accept gifts, it's an ethics thing."