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  1. I had an out of body dream where I was out an elegant party in a mansion. I was introduced to a very attractve woman in glasses and I was told she knew everything in the universe about the stock market. So I asked her two questions:

    1. What are your thoughts on PZZA? She said she was bearish and to leave it alone

    2. What are your thoughts on KKD? She told me that it will go higher than $15 maybe $16 but to sell at $15 when it begins to pullback.

    Anyone else ever have dreams like this?
  2. I had Jack Hershey in my dream,where he was sitting dull and saying nothing.
  3. The random ones with famous people in them where you tell them, "SHAQ! THANK'S FOR COMING! 5 to 20%... I'm an alternative investment."

    5 to 20% was for the size of how much assets of their liquid net worth I should manage.
  4. whenever I have a nightmare about my ex wife having sex with another man I immediately wake up and check my positions because I know one of them is moving against me
  5. zdreg


    some people need to learn how count their blessings.
  6. Don't you really mean that you have a 5% management fee and a 20% incentive fee on your hedge fund? :confused: :D :cool:
  7. The event in the dream was for advisors, so consideration to the total net worth of the client was a consideration. As a CTA, these are alternative investments, and thus, not the entire net worth should be invested in them.

    5 to 20% was about that in millions to be managed.
  8. Yeah I would give you 9%
  9. funny thing is, all through 2012, I had a very lucrative forex strategy that was nothing more than strategically adding to winners and losers with no hard stops.

    But very quickly in 2013, I wasn't reading the market well, and could tell something had changed, and didn't want to ride out the whole strategy to find out.

    So I took a small loss, got flat, and just went back to classical trading the way I and many others have always done. Namely, put it on with a stop.

    Then, last night I had a very clear dream, about putting on a trade and aggressively adding to winners which worked out surprisingly well.

    Might have been due to some unresolved conflict. Because my old strat that had worked so well had me short eur.usd, and I took a loss to get out of it. And almost immediately the new (old) strat got me long, and that was just minutes before the ecb announcement, which resulted in such a huge move in my favor with now much larger size, that I just took the profit, breaking any and all rules. And I never really thought about it. It was just one of those, "Take the profit now, and sort it out all later" trades.
  10. The "elegant party" in your dream represents the wealth and the wealthy who became wealthy by participating in the market. The attractive woman in glasses represents the market itself. The glasses symbolize the "poker-like" attributes of the market.

    I think you wasted a good dream by asking her the wrong questions.
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