Dreaming With Tea: How About Bigger Index Contracts

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Pabst, Jun 3, 2003.

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    Wouldn't this work better? Increase ES's multiple to 100xSPX and have a .10 tick increment. Therefore $100 per full point and $10 per minimum fluctuation. In addition to reducing slippage and making the ES more competitive to YM in that regard, the twice bigger contract would reduce commission costs. The same could be done in NQ. 50xNaz100 and trade in quarters at $12.50 a tick.

    IMO nirvana given this present and who knows permanent lower volatility environment. It's getting to a point where a $600 daily range in NQ is a big day. The present contract size just doesn't reflect good judgement with the index at 1200 as opposed to the 3500 where it was conceived.
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    Or get rid of the pit contract at $250/point and the ES $50/point and have one electronic only contract for all at $100/point.

    Put the liquidity all in one place.
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    With the .10 or smaller tick increment - of course!