Dream watch?

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  1. Since this site is devoted to making money I was wondering why not have a thread about dream (expensive) watches. My choice is Patek-Philippe Grand Complications 5016 in gold(screenshot attached) I have no idea how much it costs.
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    A black plastic watch with date and time is fine for me. Sometimes I pick up a watch at target that looks kind of like a cross between a bracelet and a watch. I only wear them on the weekends though.
  3. A bling thread?
    Why not....but cripes, a "Grand Complications" watch-that must be the worst name I ever heard.

    Might as well encrust it in diamonds, and call it the "Faberge diamonte-It wont work properly chonometer". That's awful marketing, surely?

    I like the idea of a wind up though, (watch, not thread/practical joke) .

    Got a casio forrester, budget style thing-to be honest, i haven't figured out how to use even the most basic functions it has, great watch though.
    I never wear it...Your either a watch guy or not, i guess.

    No doubt, surf will chime in with some bling chronometrics.

    Saw one on Cabela's, a watch, with all standard zones /stop/watch etc, and was an altimeter, barometer, thermometer, and possibly pedometer as well, i gather most of the functions didnt work so great, but-thats a lot of stuff to cram into a watch.
  4. Faberge diamonte-It wont work properly chonometer". LoL. The thing that I absolutely love about this watch is the understated elegance. It is not a watch you wear to scream "I am rich" to people 10 ft away. But is absolutely gorgeous.
  5. A watch called "Grand Complications" should have a picture of Alan Grenspan on the dial.

    The audio alarm function:

    "I suspect we will see this is the time but in and of itself that does not need to be a problem. It depends on how it's handled and how the timing take place. And, indeed, we shouldn't try to time every single time, it is the ordinary time of time and time change has winners and losers."

  6. nice choice, other than the ugly yellow gold, i like it! most of these guys have no clue that only a very very few individuals would know what your wearing and that's the point. Flashy bling like rolex presidents and diamond watches are soooo passe'.

    this is where it's at----stainless steel zero bling. you and those who know, know and that's all that matters


    no bling, but those who know, know....


  7. I am guessing that watch is about $70,000.00. here is something similar:



  8. haha. very very few watches sell for above 200k usd. sure, you can probably even get that watch for 35k usd if your a savvy shopper and don't mind buying pre owned.

  9. Everyone should wear a bling wrist adornment now that Barton is top-dog.

    Say what ,word up, it's all good mofo (I think)
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