Dream ticket??

Discussion in 'Politics' started by saxon, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. saxon


    Let me get this straight. Hillary is:

    1) Trailing in the pledged delegate count

    2) Trailing in the popular vote

    3) Trailing in the number of state primaries won

    And yet she is gracious enough to offer Obama the VP slot.


    Clever politics? Or another revealing window on the Clinton character issue?
  2. dinoman


    Its called politics. :) Our as I see it B.S.
  3. What do you think about Obama's NAFTA double lie (first telling Canada that he was not serious about his campaign promises and then denying that he said that)? Clever politics or another revealing window on his character issue?

    These lies on serious policy issues bother me much more than insignificant and inconsequential games Hillary is trying to play.
  4. ummm... didn't you hear? can you say 180?

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  5. Here is what I am hearing:
    Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whose government was already tangled in a controversy over a memo on Barack Obama's NAFTA position, denied Friday that Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign had delivered back-channel assurances to Canadian officials that her criticisms of NAFTA should be taken "with a grain of salt."

    On the other hand
    a "senior member" of Obama's campaign had phoned Wilson personally to advise him to "not be worried about what Obama says about NAFTA." The Obama campaign denied that story,

    And it's probably completely true as
    Canadian PM orders probe into memo leak on Obama's NAFTA position

    Then again, even if Hillary did the same thing my previous post was not in her defense anyway but to point out that Obama is not any better than her. Of course given your black and white views you completely missed my point, in your world if someone criticizes Obama he must be in love with Hillary.

    PS How is that Ron Paul revolution going? Please remind me how much money you people raised in one day. :D
  6. so who is your boy, hillary or obama?

    i would say the revolution has gone much better than i ever anticipated. and yes... he had two very big money bomb days.

    if you want to make fun of a candidate try rudy. the mainstream media tried their best to prop him up... even claimed he was the front runner. he spent over $50 million for 1 delegate. that is the most expensive delegate in history.

    last time i looked Ron Paul had survived longer than any other republican except the criminally nominated mccain. it is very hard trying to beat a media that wages a suppression campaign against a candidate. also.. diebold isnt exactly a beacon of integrity. but all in all he did a great job. now people can bash the federal reserve without being labeled a conspiracy nut or an anti-semite. that is a huge victory in my eyes.

    once again the constitution is discussed in political debates... how refreshing. monetary policy is going to be even more important in the summer and fall... ron paul will be there to shed light on what the criminals are doing.
  7. i find it disgusting that Hillary tries to play the strong feminist role... yet she stays married to a rapist? is that not serious?
  8. People have been bashing the FED for years without being considered conspiracy nuts. I don't know where you got that from. I bash the FED on a daily basis, and have been for about the last 2 years. The FED is responsible for both the RE bubble, and now the commodity bubble. They obviously have learned nothing as they continue to drop rates which so far has done nothing other than stoke the hell out of inflation (which they won't admit because their mandate is SUPPOSED to be promoting stable prices, not propping wall St.).
  9. I see absolutely no difference between them, the minor differences that they may have are inconsequential as far as I am concerned. Was quite prepared to vote republican this time around but can't vote for McCain so will probably vote for either democrat or sit out the election altogether.
  10. well i agree with your post to an extent. but it was very taboo to mention the fed was a private bank with no transparency. no audits.... and its collection agency the irs. also.. criticizing the legislation that allowed for the fed in 1913 will get you labeled.
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