dream market

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  1. if you are an index futures trader, this is a DREAM market!!!

    amazing stuff, very playable, and very rational market movement.

    any thoughts from others? great market. get it while it lasts

    not your typical summer market by any stretch
  2. you are 100% correct. No doubt about it.
  3. Even equities are amazing. It is like the internet boom days. Finally it is back.
  4. I trade the index futures but only started 7.2.07. Was an equity trader for some funds for the past four years. I wish I had a couple of more months under my belt as I think it would give me great opportunities but as for now I am jjust trying to feel comfortable doing this so these swings are could a good bit of consternation! But it sure is a learning environment. Kudos to all of you that can take advantage. It's been difficult for me but I feel a little more confident every day. And my plan is to do this for a long time so I will sacrifice the big moves to be conservative and be able to stay in the game.
  5. its tough for quities if you don't get in very early in the day and bail. i like it. however,this whipsaw action is indictaive of a stock market that will fall hard.
  6. it's true that it is 'pinballing' nearly perfectly between signifigant support and resistance

    but you've really got to be on your game, you've got to know all support/resistance on all timeframes, i'm going lighter because i'm just not mentally adjusted to the speed
  7. WTF are you smoking?
  8. i'm out, but i bet dow closes right at 12562, the 50 day ma, just to leave everyone guessing about tomorrow
  9. did i say 50? i actually meant 20 day lol (not)
  10. 100 point moves in less than 10 minutes, you've really got to have your sh-t together in this market
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