'DREAM' Amnesty fails, H-1b increase still pending

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    Durbin dropped his attempt to add the 'DREAM' amnesty/in state tuition mandate for illegal aliens to the defense authorization bill, although he vows to bring it up within 6 weeks (them damned citizens aint tellin ME what ta do!)

    But a massive H-1b increase amendment to the bill still looms, sponsored by Cornyn(R-TX), raising H-1b up to 115,000 with automatice increases up to 180,000 per year

    Plus, he wants to create a 'commuter visa' H-1a that will be 90,000 per year, for those who are out of the country 2 months per year (yeah, we know THAT will be strictly enforced)

    Angry people calling their senators stopped the DREAM act. If you dont like H-1b, call your senators, without delay

    The potential is an increase of over 200,000 skilled guest workers *per year*, and actually could be much highers, since it create even more exemptions to the h-1b cap

  2. Good news on stopping the bad DREAM.

    As for H-1's, I wish the republicans would explain the incentive for kids to study science and engineering when their jobs will either be offshored or given to H-1 visa holders.
  3. LT701


    I know some people very high up in IT management who do NOT recommend studying IT to their kids for that very reason

    something very, very wrong here
  4. Daal


    if your against this program then never complain against inequality of income ever again
  5. Why? I don't see the connection.
  6. LT701


    did you expect truth and reason in a pro H-1b position?
  7. A serious question
    What do “they “ recommend that their kids study? If not IT, then what?

  8. LT701


    in one family I'm thinking of, they really have no idea - the girl is a senior in high school, very bright

    Both parents have solved countless, incredibly complex problems for corporate America - yet, they cannot solve the problem that corporate America created for them
  9. Daal


    keeps supply of high skilled workers tight which raises their salaries relative to low skilled. plus it just flat out insanity
  10. LT701


    supply of skilled workers is anything but 'tight'

    as it stands, H-1b level is already set at 85,000 per year, with many, many exemptions to the cap, (and tens of thousands are already allowed in over the cap)

    tech already has waaaaaay more foreign workers than any other field - why blast it much higher?
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