DREAM Amnesty, back YET AGAIN Oct 22

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    F-cking b--tards never, ever let up on this - the NINTH TIME they've brought this crap bill up - call your senators and tell them, you're still against this

    Urge your pro-enforcement GOP sen. to oppose the DREAM Act amnesty as a stand-alone bill.

    This new Phone Call Request has been posted in your Action Buffet based on your answers to the Interest Survey.

    You can find this Phone Call Request by proceeding to
    http://www.numbersusa.com/phones?ID= 8991

    Your faxes and phone calls forced Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin (D-Ill) back away from their plan to attach the DREAM Act amnesty to existing bills, but they are still determined to see it passed into law.

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has invoked Rule 14 on the new DREAM Act amnesty (S. 2205 - no text available yet), which was just introduced as a stand-alone bill by Senator Durbin, and cosponsored by Senators Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) and Richard Lugar (R-Ind.).

    That means Reid is setting up Senate procedure to spring the amnesty at any time without hearings or committee action. For the Majority Leader to invoke Rule 14 means that he can bring a bill to a floor without it going through the debate and markup of a committee.

    The rule also allows Sen. Reid to wait until our forces are distracted and bring it at any time in the future at the spur of the moment.

    Your senator(s) listed on this note voted against the "grand bargain" amnesty in June, and supported the Vitter amendment to crack down on sanctuary policies for illegal aliens on October 16. But pro-amnesty forces have been telling their members that many senators who opposed the DREAM Act as part of an existing bill will vote for passage of a stand-alone DREAM amnesty. So, it is imperative that you secure your senator's "NO" vote all over again.

    Tell Senate offices that the following things remain unchanged:

    - The DREAM Act is a permanent rolling amensty.

    Not only will it roll in hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who are already here over the next few years, but every family in the world can decide after DREAM is passed to get their young teens into the country illegally and know that they will get the amnesty too, when they reach the qualifying age.

    As bad as the "grand bargain" amnesty was this summer, this DREAM amnesty is FAR WORSE because it signals ahead to people around the world that they can come and get this amnesty too.

    - The DREAM Act allows illegal "teens" to petition for their parents, leading eventually to their aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins to come to the United States:

    The big argument for this amnesty is that it is for teenagers who are here illegally because their parents broke the law. Even with the new "less-than-30" age requirement, this legislation would provide an amnesty for illegal aliens of all ages (Sen. Durbin has included "humanitarian" and "family unity" exceptions to the age limit). Nonetheless, the argument is that the teenagers should not be punished for the crimes of their parents.

    But as soon as DREAM amnesty citizens are over 21, they can petition to bring their parents, who broke the law in the first place, to get them into the United States. The chief criminals will be rewarded after all.

    And due to Chain Migration, the amnestied "teens" will become anchors, paving the path to permanent residency for their aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents as well.

    - The DREAM Act does not Protect Americans from Terrorists and Criminals:

    Illegal immigrants are not required to submit fingerprints or undergo background security checks at any point in the DREAM Act process. Therefore, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has no way to know whether an alien seeking DREAM Act amnesty is a terrorist or criminal. This security failure is compounded by the confidentiality section of the DREAM Act, which is a relic from pre-9/11 days (it’s modeled on the fraud-prone 1986 amnesty). This section basically requires DHS to hide information about terrorist and criminal aliens from itself. If a DHS adjudicator at USCIS learns from a DREAM Act application that an alien poses terrorist or criminal concerns, the adjudicator is prohibited from alerting ICE enforcement officers at DHS, and in fact, if the adjudicator were to volunteer such information to ICE, he could be fined $10,000. To cap it all, DHS is prohibited from removing from the United States all aliens, including criminals, terrorists, fraudsters, and other ineligible aliens while they have a DREAM Act application pending, even if that application is based upon fraud or the alien is ineligible.
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    - The DREAM Act Offers Citizenship to Illegal Aliens Who Lack Good Moral Character:

    The DREAM Act does not require that aliens have a history of good moral character; it only requires that they have good moral character from the time that they apply. This means that criminal aliens, terrorists, and other aliens who lack good moral character before they apply get an amnesty for their pre-application period conduct, no matter how bad or extensive that conduct.

    - The DREAM Act is Not Just for Young People:

    Sponsors insist that the point of the DREAM Act is to provide legal status to “kids” and “young people.” However, the DREAM Act is not directed just at minors. Under the "new" DREAM Act, anyone 29 years old or younger, who illegally entered the United States before the age of 16 and has illegally remained here for 5 years or more will qualify for lawful permanent residence (and eventual citizenship) if they satisfy the easily-met criteria for DREAM Act amnesty. Illegal aliens who are 30-years-old or older can still be granted the DREAM amnesty through "humanitarian" or "family unity" waivers.

    - The DREAM Act is a Big Amnesty:

    There are an estimated 2 million illegal immigrant children currently in the United States. They are only a portion of the millions of aliens who will likely qualify for the DREAM Act amnesty, because the DREAM Act does not place a cap on the number of people who qualify. The DREAM Act also provides exceptions to the newly-formed under-30 age limit, and applies retroactively to anyone who first entered before age 16. Furthermore, once eligible aliens receive the DREAM Act amnesty and become citizens, they will be able to petition for their illegal parents and other adult relatives to become United States citizens as well.

    - The DREAM Act is Deceptive:

    The marketing campaign for the DREAM Act implies that the amnesty is intended for high school graduates who are on their way to college or military service. But the bill as written ensures that illegal aliens do not actually have to attend high school or go to college to qualify for the amnesty: they need only take an ability-to-benefit test and complete a 1-year vocational program to get eventual citizenship (and there’s no requirement that they actually complete their college education). Nor do aliens have to join the Armed Forces: they need only go to work for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or Public Health Service for 2 years to get eventual citizenship.

    - The DREAM Act is a Fraud Machine:

    We know from experience that amnesty from immigration laws generates massive fraud, and the DREAM Act is no exception. Nothing in the DREAM Act will prevent a 29-year old alien from asserting that he entered the United States before the age of 16 and has remained here ever since. The DREAM Act is silent on how DHS will determine the veracity of such claims. The DREAM Act will actually promote fraud because it prevents DHS from deporting aliens who’ve applied for the amnesty until their applications are resolved – a process that will likely take years, because DHS lacks the resources to rapidly process the millions of applications it will receive. Even if DHS eventually decides that some aliens do not qualify for the amnesty, DHS cannot use the statements aliens made in their applications to deport them, because their statements are protected by the confidentiality section in the DREAM Act.

    - The DREAM Act is Unfair to American Students and Taxpayers:

    The "new" DREAM Act removed the in-state college tuition section. However, aliens who get the amnesty will become legal residents and will therefore be automatically eligible for in-state tuition anyway.

    - The DREAM Act Puts Illegal Immigrants at the Front of the Line for Green Cards:

    The DREAM Act requires that applications for its amnesty must be expedited, bars DHS from charging fees for expedited service, and fails to provide DHS the additional personnel and equipment needed to handle expedited applications. Because millions of people will file applications for DREAM Act amnesty (regardless of whether or not they eventually qualify), DHS will experience a significant backlog of cases that will necessarily slow DHS’ ability to process conventional business and family visas, and applications for naturalization. This will adversely impact our economy, and disrupt the settled expectations of immigrants trying to enter the United States legally.

    - The DREAM Act Will Allow Dangerous Criminal Aliens to Remain At Large in the United States:

    DHS lacks the resources to detain all criminal aliens it encounters in the United States, and so DHS has to pick and choose which criminals will be held for deportation. When DHS deports a criminal al ien, the detention or “bed space” vacated by the out-going criminal is immediately filled by another criminal alien. The DREAM Act does not disqualify anyone (even criminals) from filing an application and bars DHS from removing any alien who’s filed an application for amnesty. Thus, criminal aliens trying to avoid deportation can file DREAM Act applications to halt or slow their deportations, which means they will spend more time taking up detention space which could be used to house other criminal aliens. That means more criminal aliens whom DHS cannot house will be free to roam the United States. The DREAM Act also creates an opportunity for extremely dangerous criminal aliens to be released into the general population. By law, a criminal alien who is subject to a final order of removal must be released from DHS custody within 90 days if his removal is not “reasonably foreseeable.” As mentioned previously, the DREAM Act does not allocate resources to DHS to process the millions of applications that are sure to be filed, which will result in very lengthy delays. The result? A dangerous criminal alien who would otherwise have been removed from the United States files his DREAM Act application, and when that application stalls at DHS with millions of others, he can file a petition in a district court after 90 days to be released because his removal is not “reasonably foreseeable.”

    Thank you for sticking with this fight!

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    call your senators, DREAM act vote is tomorrow, Wednesday Oct 23
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    Open-borders Senators have plummeted to a new low in advocating amnesty by aiding, abetting and harboring a group of illegal aliens in our United States Capitol today!

    Sen. Durbin (D-Ill.), Sen. Lugar (R-Ind.) and Sen. Hagel (R-Neb.) have invited Senators and their staffers to a meeting at 3 p.m. today to learn why they need to pass the DREAM Act amnesty on Wednesday.

    Briefing the Senators in the Capitol will be:

    "Several students who would benefit from the DREAM Act"

    Angela Kelley, Director, Immigration Policy Center

    Melissa Lazarin, Director of Education Policy, First Focus

    Alfred Campos, Federal Lobbyist, National Education Association

    Stephanie Grosser, Outreach & Program Coordinator, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society

    Kevin Appleby, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

    In case that isn't clear enough, anybody who "would benefit from the DREAM Act" is an illegal alien.

    Should anybody in the world hold back from trying to come here illegally now that they see that illegal aliens can hang around our Capitol itself with no fear of arrest -- and be embraced by our elected officials.

    Last week, the Senate voted to protect Sanctuary Cities and their policies to shield illegal aliens. Today, some Senators apparently are declaring the Capitol an illegal-alien sanctuary!

    We have now reached this point where the immigration lawlessness that has characterized the border for 20 years, that has suffocated our Southwestern states, south Florida and hundreds of neighborhoods across the country has now moved into the federal Capitol itself -- invited by U.S. Senators!!!

    If you think the champions of anarchy have gone too far this time, pick up a phone over lunch and call your two U.S. Senators and demand that they commit to vote NO on cloture tomorrow on S. 2205.


    You can get all the direct phone numbers (in D.C. and in the state) for your own two Senators at:

    I will be sending you more specific figures soon, but you probably should note to each office that the DREAM Act amnesty potentially rewards millions of current illegal aliens, as well as enticing millions more to come.

    Instead of passing legislation to improve the lack of enforcement in this country that allowed at least 12 million illegal aliens to settle here, Senators are trying to just continue the 21-year pattern of giving rewards to illegal aliens.



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    having the illegal aliens in the capital making their demands really takes the cake

    if any of these kids ever gets a DUI, they'll probably go into the courtroom and demand the judge pay their bar tab, assuming they show up at all

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    Carlos Slim, a Mexican who is the richest man in the world, had this to say about charity

    Slim, the Mexican tycoon just a hair from being the world's richest man, scoffed yesterday at Bill Gates and Warren Buffett for "playing Santa Claus" to cure poverty's ills.

    Slim climbed on his meanie soapbox just days after his $49 billion fortune was ranked by Forbes as the third-richest behind that No. 1 Gates and No. 2 Buffett - only a few billion shy from eclipsing them both.

    "Poverty isn't solved with donations,"

    Slim was unimpressed at how Buffett and Gates vowed late last year to combine their entire fortunes into the world's largest foundation to do good works.

    "Our concept is more to accomplish and solve things, rather than giving," Slim said.

    Translation 'Helping Mexico's poor is YOUR job, American middle and working class'

    How do you think Carlos got so rich?

    He doesnt have his fellow man to worry about, he dumps them North

    Does this piss you off?

    Then call your Senator Today!

    Vote may be tomorrow morning
  7. DREAM amnesty = the last nail the coffin of American sovereignty.
  8. LT701


    and the foot in the door for the rest of the failed immigration bill

    DREAM supporters say exactly that
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    have you considered joining numbersusa? it's free

    i did years ago, you set your e-mail to receive whatever issues you want, or nothing

    i've been a member for years, no evidence that they've ever sold my name, never recieved anything paper mail related to immigration, ever

    amnesty would have passed without them

    Earlier this afternoon, you joined a half-million-strong citizen army. When George Bush announced his first amnesty (which we helped defeat) in January of 2004, we had 12,000 activist members. A year ago, we were up to a little over 200,000. We are well on our way on our MARCH TO A MILLION ACTIVISTS. "
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    Cloture Vote On DREAM Act Amnesty Fails
    (October 24) The Senate failed to obtain cloture on the DREAM Act amnesty (S. 2205) earlier this afternoon by a 52-44 vote, for which 60 YES votes were needed to prevent a filibuster. At this time, leadership from both parties are meeting to discuss further proceedings. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) were attempting to bring this nightmarish amnesty bill to the floor under Senate Rule XIV without it ever having been debated in committee. Earlier this morning, the Bush Administration issued a statement opposing the DREAM Act ...
    #10     Oct 24, 2007