Dream About Material Things; If You Have A Conscience, You'll Never Shake Thi

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    1994 Sudanese child with a vulture by Kevin Carter

    This Pulitzer Prize-winning picture of a vulture waiting to feed on a dying toddler in Sudan summed up the cruelty of the famine in Sudan. It also, famously, highlighted the plight of the photographer; within three months of gaining recognition for this photograph, Kevin Carter committed suicide.
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    Hey, 50,000+ died in Iraq. Countless maimed and injured.

    Who cares? The world doesn't care. Most of us are too self-absorbed to contribute anything of real, lasting value, anyway. If that means getting off our lazy asses and WORKING for somebody else (let alone, ourselves), who's gonna do it??

    Look at the Boomers. All this shit happened because they were too lazy and corrupt to pull themselves from the trough. With their own Country. With their own Children under the knife.

    They didn't care. They thought it was 'cool' to rape the Treasury and ponzi entitlements to the Moon. As long as they got theirs before it collapsed, f*ck it? Its a joke, to them. haha.

    The World is a very fucked up.

    That picture screams Free Energy. With FE, the entire African continent can be irrigated with near-zero cost desalination and pipelines. At least they can have a life. AND a new export industry - food.
  3. The 2009 "version" of the photo shows a man in a gray suit, white shirt and necktie watching on as somebody is evicted from some type of property.
  4. Does anyone know why God didn't just give the kid something to eat? lol.

    Great picture! Survival of the fittest!
  5. What do you think that vulture is? I dont know how you can see a big bird like that when you are hungry and not think its got enough meat on its bones to feed you for a week.
  6. maybe god,if he exists, is more partial to birds than children. he is giving the bird something to eat.
    actually that picture is proof positive that if there is a god he is a cruel bastard.
  7. So.... you believe it's the Boomers demanding entitlements from the government?

    I don't know any boomers who have expressed that. Personally I believe it's the corrupt government at fault.. for all sorts of reasons.

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    I got love for you, Gnome.

    But who was guarding fort?

    Ultimately, people get the Government they deserve. (Most) Boomers, went along, to get along.
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    This judgement would be ill-born. If God, as described in most versions of the Bible, if His existence is accepted, if only for the purpose of argument, then His logic must be accepted, for the duration of that argument. And the foremost principle of that logic is that you are to love Him above all other things.

    Heartbreaking as that photo is, and I find it mainly so, the emotion it evokes should not overwhelm, or eliminate, the primary attitude you are commanded to practice, if you accept, if only for argument's sake, the existence of God
  10. so god is nothing more than a tyrant? we are americans, we dont bow to tyrants. we put a boot up their ass.

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