Drawdown measurement

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  1. I've been working with a friend who is creating an automated (intraday)system.

    So far backtesting of 2years on 1min ES data creates 100% profit return with about $450 drawdown per contract per 3 months.

    Average trade count is about 1.6/day.

    How would one measure the severity of the amount of drawdown. Is there a rule of thumb? Generic formula?

    Any insight from the Elites would be appreciated.

  2. Drawdown is measured by comparing the highest peak to the lowest trough on your equity curve.
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    For dollar based drawdown series...

    * DrawDown$(N) = Equity(N) - HighestEquityValue(0, ..., N)

    For Percent based drawdown series...

    * DrawDown%(N) = Equity(N) / HighestEquityValue(0, ..., N) * 100

    In either case the biggest DrawDown is the lowest value for the series.
  4. If you meant to do something looking like mathematics, you should use the right terminology: not "series" but "sequence".