Draghi! Ahhhhhhh!

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by atticus, Aug 2, 2012.

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  2. omg, he's worthless. Really? I am surprised this sh*t isn't limit down.
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    hah... what did he say? dont have tv in here,

    fun times in the 6E though :)


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  6. so much hope in his last week speech and the only thing he succeeded to deliver was a plate of shit
  7. Dumas stated they need to get behind ESFS and focus on the STIR debt. He thought he could bluff the Bundesbank. No go.
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    Wait no 200+ point rally on his comments made today??

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  9. he gotta go - they are a fucking joke organisation.

    we will do anything.

    actually fuck all
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    Uh oh. Market's turning. That means the EU will spring into immediate, forceful action! Yes, you quiver just knowing what is coming. They haven't announced it yet, but you just know what will happen.


    Yep, nothing says "We can fix the markets" like another huge emergency meeting. If meetings fix markets, WTF don't they just stay in conference forever?
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