draft TE round 2 in fantasy football!

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  1. it's that time of the year again!

    i picked antonio gates in my round 2(he's a beast!!), since the top 5 RBs and few WRs are all gone already, and was made fun of by everyone at the office for picking TE at round 2 :(

    it's not a standard pick but the way i figured only the top 3 TE will get you major points, the rest are worthless. By picking the best TE i basically have an extra slot for good points. QB for example a rank 1 vs a rank 8 the point difference isnt major. And we only have 10 players in the league so i can still get a relatively good QB at round 3 ( i got peyton manning)

    am i completely wrong? any pro fantasty football players here?
  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    I wouldnt draft a tight end in round 2, also a large Part of the reason Gates had such huge numbers last year was because Vincent Jackson was missing and Rivers really had no one else to throw the ball to. I would expecr gates numbers to be way down from last years.

    Before he got hurt last year, he was averaging more points per week then the best recievers were, and unless he can put up numers like that again there just isnt enough of a difference in the amount of points a top end tightend will put up, and a middle of the road tight end will do. That means you can usually get a decent tight end in like he 6th or 7th round.

    Im always looking to use my top picks on guys where the spread is as large as possible between my pick and the next person at that position in line. I will take my pick from whoever i believe has the largest spread, until the later rounds when you start having to fill positions like kicker, or defense.
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    Wow, you guys take this pretty serious huh? I didn't do that much detailed analysis the last time I bought a house. :D
  4. lol this is nothing. i know plenty of guys who bought plane tickets and flew across the country just to do a LIVE fantasy football draft :p they also have paid programs that does all the analysis and probability, and does tons of mock drafts to see how it plays out before the real draft. It's nuts.
  5. yeah but usually the top rbs are all gone if you are towards the tailend of round 2. So my choices were rank 7+ WR, rank 10+ RB, rank 5+ QB, or a rank 1 TE.

    Agree on your analysis on gates but i think the number will still be very decent, that the "spread" is much higher than a round 2 pick RB/QB vs round 3 RB/QB.
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    Max E.

    Got nothing else to do for most of the day since mid day is usually boring, so i got to piss away my time doing something around the computer. :D

    This is nothing compared to some of the guys in "keeper" leagues where you keep your team from year to year, some of those guys could tell you the stats of every player while they are still in college.
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    Max E.

    Guess it depends how well you think Gates is going to do. If you are in a 12 person league that means its going to be 24 picks before you get another shot so that means you are probably going 9 RB's lower, 9 WR's lower and probably about 5 QB's lower.

    If yuo think Gates is going to put up even 80% of the numbers he put up last year then it could be worth it, time will tell. You still probably could have gotten Gates in the third round, i dont think anyone picked a TE in our league until the 5th round.

    EDIT: First TE was actually last pick in the 4th round someone picked Dallas Clark, poor bastard. Gates went halfway through the 5th.
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    ...and I can't even remember my anniversary.
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    Max E.

    Most of the guys who take fantasy football that seriously probably cant either. :D
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    LOL :D Somebody's wife is going to be pissed!
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