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  1. I am considering attending one of Dr Van Tharps workshops and was wondering if anyone had any comments to make on them. Would be interested to hear all your thoughts, whether you've been to a workshop or read his books etc.

    Thanks, I look forward to your comments
  2. Pita


    I think it is a boring read, can forward you 2 files, one is "trade your way to financial freedom" the other one is a shorter file and I forgot the name.
  3. Thanks Pita, but I have actually read 'Trade your way to FF' Sorry should have left out the bit about the books, am more keen to hear about the workshops.

    Thanks though
  4. dozu888


    people who can't trade, run workshops
  5. ark


    Workshops inspire most people. So in a sense it could be useful. Although some workshops are beneficial to a certain extent, many others are questionable.

    No doubt it's a profitable business.
  6. zdreg


    doesn't quite have the same ring as Hemmingway's: those who can do. those who can't teach.

    anyway somebody i knew who couldn't trade made a nice living running a trading firm.
  7. ggoyal


    i concur. Why the hell would you teach people how to make money? If you truly know how to do it, why wouldn't you do it for yourself? unless you can generate more profits by holding such classes than sitting in front of a computer trading.
  8. sumosam


    I've read Trade Your Way to F.F. Found it helpful. I understand that VK Tharp has taken the Sedona Method. His book certainly touches on similar concepts. You can buy the book, Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin, but I would recommend the audio tapes, or even their seminars which are much cheaper.

    Not specific to trading per se, but truth is usually simple, but not easy.
  9. With all due respect to your comments, some of them seem a little rich. This is a guy who has spent 20 years modelling (NLP) the world's best traders to see what they do in common that makes them successful, as well as being included in the original Market Wizards. To say he does workshops because he can't trade seems a bit much. Would still like to hear from people who have actually attended his courses, rather than those who knock him with no basis or first hand experience of him

  10. You have bought the story anyway.

    Tharp has a habit of sounding like he developed researched stuff which he "borrowed" from others and altered a little.

    He also leans on NLP models that are largely discredited and just laughed at by the scientific community.

    Not worth the money.

    If you do seek out people who've done his courses seek someone who did it 2-10 years ago. That way you might get a realistic view of the efficacy rather than some "post-course" honeymoon glow. It's amazing what people will say about something they haven't tested yet.
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