Dr. Salby Explains Why CO2 Does NOT Drive Climate

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    As suspected, this analysis is over the heads of futurecurrents and stu since they don't seem to have any comment.

    The video blows your AGW science up with real science.
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    I have watched the first 10 minutes so far.

    He is revealing some techniques which would be useful for trading.
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    Thank you so much, pspr, for finding that lecture. It is wonderful and deserves very wide attention. I sent the link to a well known environmental economist, Joseph Henry Vogel, who is a close personnel friend of mine, and is someone who will be keenly interested.

    The relationship between CO2 in the Ice record and atmospheric CO2 is of critical importance. I don't think this work is published yet, and I don't understand why. But anytime you break with conventional thinking you need very strong arguments.
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    You are welcome. You can also find a direct dissent of the presentation at skepticalscience.com if interested. Just Google Salby and you'll find it. I think they are both Australians.

    Isn't Vogel an economics professor?
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    I think he does a good job of laying out much opinion/science from both sides. Even though we are all quite biased here, I think we all are just trying to find the truth of the matter in the end.
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    This is the first thread in a long time that belongs up above in the economics forum (assuming we can keep the politics and name calling out of it, probably an impossibility.)

    Yes, Vogel is, among other things, a Professor at the Rio Piedras campus of the Univ. of Puerto Rico, he is also an economic advisor to the government of Ecuador

    As you can see from the link, he is a key figure in ecology and climate issues world wide, so I'm certain he will be very interested in Salby's presentation. .
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    The fact is that CO2 levels have gone up 40% in the last 150 years due to man. CO2 is a greenhouse gas responsible for about15% of the earth's greenhouse effect. How could that NOT make temps go up? It's a very simple common sense thing......... that the fossil fuel industry doesn't want you to think about. The basics of the science is settled. 97% of the world's climatologists and all the world's science organizations are in agreement about it. The deniers just look foolish now.





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    <font color=red size=4><b>“The influence of mankind on climate is trivially true and numerically insignificant.”</b>
    ~Richard Lindzen, MIT Atmospheric Physicist</font>

    These correlations are all you need to know futurecurrents. PDO/AMO and Solar output of various types. CO2 does NOT correlate.

    <img src=http://notrickszone.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Bastardi-PDOAMO-correlation.gif>

    <img src=http://www.angelic-scorn.com/co2-vs-sun-1.png>
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    I think I understand now why Salby's paper has not been published. He is going to run into huge opposition from reviewers. It could take a couple years, and most importantly, some confirming work by someone else well-known in the field to get this published in a top Journal. I read the counter viewpoints. I have to think much more about this, but I think Salby's arguments related to time are key, and some of the others, I believe, haven't understood that yet. I want to see how this plays out. We should all stand by and let the climate experts sort this out.
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