Dr. Marc Faber speaking at the Slovenia congress

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  1. But not all small countries conduct ethnic cleansing quite as well.
    BTW, Marc Faber was Swiss, now living in Thailand and who knows what nationality he is now.
  2. tmarket is a confused, disinfo idiot, pay him no mind.
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    Interesting straightforward lecture, thx.
  4. My apologies if I have mistaken your national identity as a Serbo-Croatian-Slovenian. But the war that broke out in Slovenia in 1991 was the catalyst for most of the ethnic cleansing that followed in the south.
    Perhaps you can enlighten us on what you meant by "Clinton gave speech in Slovenia and sold them lot of lies." ?
  5. Very interesting. Thanks for the link. So, in a nutshell, his point is that the fed is creating inflation to force people to spend and increase capital investment and real GDP growth. He thinks this is not happening because investors are simply looking for yeild through different asset classes and creating 'bubbles' in those assets. In the long term this will create huge inflation, the west will decline in relation to the BRIC nations and become poorer over time. For the time being though the inflation trade continues and the markets will continue to rise and the dollar fall. The dollar becomes worthless, the trade deficit widens and the industrialised west gradually declines from a lack of real wealth, which is the opposite in asia/ c. america etc.
  6. Thank you for your insightful comment. Slovenians and Serbians, together with Croatians are a group of south western Slavonic people sharing the same culture, language and nationality in recent history. The languages are mutually intelligible.
    One of the reason why ethnic cleansing was not a problem in what became Slovenia was that there were few Muslims and other culturally diverse peoples in that region of the country, in contrast to the ethnic cleansing that took place a few hundred miles south east where there were one time enclaves of Bosnians or Slavonic peoples with tradition of Islam.

    As to disinfo, I would rather think that Marc Faber is one of the greatest propagandist and marketeer in the recent era. He is talking his book on commodities and short dollar while I have nothing to sell.

  7. You are quite welcome. He has been right so far. We'll see how it all turns out.
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    Nice to see an objective reply in regards to Kosovo in terms of how the conflict came about. It is a smart idea to end the thread in regards to that.

    Portoroz is a great city!