Dr. Kevorkian looking for stock_trad3r

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Warrior4g, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. he knows his time is up.
  2. The kid said he's not posting here for awhile.

    It's the best thing that's happened to this site in years.
  3. Time is up? You mean in a few months time to cash out all of the ducketts and buy a palace in the bahamas?? :eek:
  4. whats so great abt bahamas its hot and humid
  5. i believe stock_trad3r is hiding in a swamp and waiting for Dr. Kevorkian to assist in a suicide. he knows the stremgth in the market won't last.
  6. I dont know...maybe:


  7. tranny club?
  8. where did you get those crocodiles ????
  9. wow...you guys must have some bad taste...dont bust ma hump over my exquisite choice in wimminz who like to ride my dragon like I ride the ES!!!

  10. Wow, you must have 20/400 vision or detached retinas.
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