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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by soler, Feb 9, 2003.

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    has anyone recently read trading for a living?

    I need to confirm if Dr. Elder talks about 4 types of trades;
    1. small win
    2. small loss
    3. big win
    4. big loss

    stating that as long as we can control the big loss you'll be successful in trading....1 & 2 cxl each other out....#3 builds accounts.
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    I have the book, but don't understand the question.

    What's so strange with small wins and small losses ?

    Small wins is typical of someone who moves to breakeven.
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  5. I recently read his second book, "Welcome to my Trading Room"... which basically said.... thanks for buying my first book.:D
  6. Nothing, they just happen...:D
  7. He is a good guy.

    The book is good too, I guess he is now more of an educator rather than a trader.