Dr. Doom(Peter Schiff) is in UAE right now.

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  1. He is going to be speaking to some of the analysts there so they can better figure out what to do with their soveign wealth funds.

    Hows that going to play out now. He's there telling a bunch of Arabs that would like nothing more than to see the US economy collapse, that our economy is going to collapse.

    I'm thinking prince al-waleed, who is probably pretty pissed about buying Citigroup at 20, is wanting a quick way to punish the "infidels" and make himself a fortune.

    For those of you that know Peters take on the economy, you know he's going to give them the same news he gives us and I'm thinking that the arabs are going to eat it up. They are going to end up buying billions in gold/silver, dumping any treasuries they have and pulling all money out of US stocks.
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    Who in their right mind isnt doing that ?
  3. The people using their "left" mind. I.E. the liberals. =D
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    The left doesnt have any money, they have surely donated it to a worthy cause
  5. I'm thinking prince al-waleed, who is probably pretty pissed about buying Citigroup at 20

    The classic play here is to sell the prince something else that's "hot" to recoup his money. You know, maybe a discount on an IPO or sumpin.

  6. You sure about that?

  7. I'm sure that peter is speaking tommorrow. I dont know for sure if they will take his advice or not. Doesnt really matter if they do or dont...our economy is going down... Just as well that the arabs dont profit from our fall. I dont want Islamic countries as the new superpowers, so i would be just as happy if they dont take his advice.
  8. Schiff is like the Jane Fonda of investing.:)
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  10. when all the institutions have sold, stock will be at an all-time low. It represents the buy of the millennium.
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