Dr. Diane Hamilton Interviews Billionaire Ken Fisher of Fisher Investments

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    1) attitude + activity = success

    2) resumes are meaningless what's important is what people will do not what they can do

    3) continuous learning/ improvement post formal education is essential for success

    4) know yourself

    5) do not merchandise at an interview

    Questions to ask interviewer :

    a) what is the interview process

    b) what is it that I can do that best helps your firm

    c) what is it that I should know about your firm

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    Nice find! He also stated that if you are a good hiring manager you will hire good employees about 60% of the time so you need a system for getting rid of the ones that don't work out.
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  3. truetype


    I have a lot of respect for Fisher, but... he's a billlionaire because he's a great asset-gatherer. Anyway thanks for the interview summary.
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  4. zdreg


    you can't be good at everything but the fact is he is a billionaire outweighs all.

    as to hiring there's a philosophy which says leave the position open until you find your ideal candidate.
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  5. %%
    Wise choices, he mentioned also.I usually get something out of his forecast, even if i dont buy into his megacap suggestions+ all the European...... But early last year right on tech; + as of DEC 28 avoid small cap value+ dont believe all the fake news.:cool:
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  6. truetype


    Which is fine, unless there's work to be done right now!
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  7. zdreg


    as previously said it depends on your philosophy. you can use current members of your work force to do the work. if necessary you postpone activities. you don't hire a body that you are not certain fits into your organization. it is a philosophy. you are entitled to your opinion what is necessary.
  8. RRY16


    Agree and he has a slew of lawyers to keep disgruntled clients and employees quiet..
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  9. Sig


    It's telling that the company has hundreds of people working in sales and fewer than a dozen actually researching and picking stocks. I'll give it to him that he built a very effective sales machine. But otherwise he's a crappy asset manager and shitty employer. It's pretty rich that he's giving advice in this particular area, the company is infamous for treating it's employees like crap and big employee turnover as a result, as well as a shockingly high number of employee and customer lawsuits as mentioned. Come to think of it, they probably spend significantly more on legal than stock picking and asset management as well. Slimey.
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  10. Pekelo


    That is a rather low standard, slightly better than a coin flip.
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