Dr. Deco's Cure for Overtrading

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Arthur Deco, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. Non-Deco-fans, read no further, it will only piss you off.

    The most common complaint I hear in my individual and group trading therapy sessions is: "Dr. Deco, can you cure me of my awful self-destructive urge to overtrade?" In truth I share their pain, for it is my worst fault as well, especially on a narrow range day like today. I KNOW I shouldn't trade, but I get bored and can't help myself. (If the quality of posting on ET were worth a shit any more, I could come here to avoid trading.) So I asked our resident algorithmicist Joe Doaks to devise a chart-based solution which rigidly imposes the discipline that the trader himself lacks. A screen shot is attached. We will be making this non-trading system available to the general public soon for a monthly commission of a mere five percent of what you didn't lose.
  2. A most instructive chart, properly reflecting the uncertainty of the markets. More of us are operating in the dark than we'd like to admit.
  3. LOL hahahah! Nice chart :D
  4. To borrow a few phrases from Neoxx, this is "a rare and unexpected gift" and "something of inestimable value."

    When, exactly, will this fine product be available, Dr. Deco? I want the very latest in color printer technology to capture these charts on multiple fractals for my 3-ring binders! :p
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    This is a very odd complaint, more of a phantom symptom if you ask me.

    Extensive research shows that the vast majority of ETers (god bless them) wouldn't know a real trade from a hole in the ground and the curious side effect from this self delusion is that it protects them from overtrading. Actually it protects them from any real outcome other than more self delusion.

    This being the case I wouldn't knock my self out over this one Dr Deco.

    Whilst we are chatting, do you have a pill for
    "turning $1 in a quadzillion dollars by lunchtime"

  6. 666, we will release it when Gucci completes beta testing to our satisfaction, the criterion being that he has no losing narrow range days for a month. Trade Navigator is the first targeted platform, because its users need it the most.

    Jjf, as to "turning $1 in a quadzillion dollars by lunchtime", that is Bernanke's forte, not mine.
  7. Tester


    Oh, but we most certainly do know Jack!

    By speaking his name you have now drawn the ire of said creature who will now post a 15 paragraph diatribe explaining the futility of using the good Dr's elegant indicator suite.

    Please don't beat yourself up over mentioning the creature. The guilt for exposing us to the possibility of another sighting will be severe, but in a few days it shall pass. However, a second transgression will not be tolerated lightly!

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    Just take your head out of your ass.

    The light won't kill ya.
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    Ahhhh so you have finally emerged from your delusion into the bright light of reality.

    You will probably kick yourself for being so innocent.
    ET stands for many things, it's cord of commonality being a complete lack of reality.

  10. If the first thing I see is you, then there won't be much of a difference.
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