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    Does anyone have any experience with Universal System developed by dr John Clayburg ? I was thinking about using the system for trading ES and was trying to get a track record from this guy but he refused. He doesn't even want to give a few days trial so I could do my own backtest. Has anyone traded equity indicies (or any other market) with this system for a longer period of time and can give me some info ? Is the system able to average 3 points per day over the course of a year or so ??
    Here's his web site: http://onlinesystemtrading.com/


  2. No trial and no results.


    Yeah, good luck w/ that. He could at least photoshop something for you.

  3. I have talked with Dr. Clayburg a couple times, and read his most recent book.

    His "Universal" system is variable, (if it is the one I remember), you can adjust parameters based on recent performance. In that respect it is somewhat like the Trade Ideas Product (Oddsmaker). I can understand why it would be difficult to provide data that would help in evaluating the product. Any data he might produce would seem to be a reflection of his skill at using those tools.

    I know its fashionable to put down vendors who fail to produce some data for evaluation, but this seems to be an unusual situation. An alternative that you could pursue would be to ask for a reference (or two). Interviewing a current user of the system could provide a good idea of what you can expect if you make that investment.

    Good luck
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    apparently the system isn't "fully automated" as you are learning from this thread....Too bad you didn't do your homework before posting.

    As I said, the system has parameters that can be adjusted. I have seen Clayburg do this a couple of times. He also offers some comments about how to adjust (Optimize) the system periodically. Thats the extent of my knowledge of the system.

    Personally I would ask for references and find out what it is like to trade the system.

    Now I will go my own way.

    Good luck

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    Can you please backtest 6 month back ES using following time frames: 5 min, 233 tick, 512 tick but please remember to test all of them at a tick level (Format strategies/Properties for all/check Use Look -Inside- Bar and put in 20 ticks) otherwise results might not be miningful. After that you can test with LIBB off and compare the results
    Thanks for help

  8. Matt,

    If you have not already, you should read the system manual about the numerous parameters. In real trading, you need to re-optimize the system every few weeks. Some call this curve-fitting, but that is how the system works.


    Each optimization takes some serious time even on a quad core. So please pick the time frame you are most interested in and I can run/optimize the test later tonight.
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    ZGtrader don't bother with optimization. I know each system needs to be kept in sync with current market conditions as volatility changes however it doesn't make sense to reoptimize every few weeks. Just use current parameters settings and test 6 month back. Thanks

  10. I will run the tests at the end of day. The system is not meant to be run with the default paramaters. It must be optimized/curve-fitted. But I will give them a run.
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