Dr. Brett Steenbarger

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  1. Does anyone know Dr. Steenbarger's correct email address? I do not believe the one I have is valid.
  2. He's on facebook.
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    He does not communicate on any trading matters since joining a hedge fund.

  4. Roark


    Sold his soul, didn't he?
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    he doesn't live to serve you, Mr. Roark. obvious you don't understand ayn rand or maybe your handle roark has no connection to her.
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    Post less, research more grasshopper. See my post <a href="http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?threadid=205342&perpage=6&pagenumber=5">here,</a> quoting Dr. Brett Steenbarger:

    <blockquote>When you read The Fountainhead, it's instructive to reflect on how Howard Roark would approach the field of trading. Would he join a proprietary trading firm that frantically searches for stocks in play, robotically fading moves or chasing strength or weakness? The mere thought is ludicrous. Would he attend a few seminars or read a couple of books and trade the same untested chart patterns as other beginners? It's unthinkable...

    [E]conomic success for trader Roark would be a tangible indicator of his efficacy and the rightness of his efforts. It is effect, not cause. He doesn't trade to simply make money or more than he builds to sell homes and office buildings. Roark the architect built because that was what he was meant to do... His work is an extension of who he is; his profits are the result of years of effort and integrity.</blockquote>
    Roark the trader would never join a firm. He walks his own path. He trades his own way or not at all.
  7. Roark I think you don't quite understand that Steenbarger is a <b>Doctor</b> first; he counsels "because that's what he was meant to do... his work is an extension of who he is".
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    you should have posted a link to your previous remark since the subject of this link is Steenbarger.
    what exactly has Steenbarger provided SMB? can you show he has sold his soul or was it simply an attention grabbing remark whose truthfulness fails upon close examination?
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  10. Oh I saw his blog last updated in end 2010, I thought he ...
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