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    HUGE fan.

    I love his thoughtful perspective and analytical approach, plus it's nice to have something so meaty out there that's updated regularly and free.
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    Hello ETs,

    I appreciate the feedback and interest. I started the TraderFeed blog just about a year ago. At the time, I wanted to see if there would be interest in a service that had nothing to sell and nothing to hype. I tried to post ideas, not simply opinions, and tried to ground those ideas in direct personal experience and first-hand research. The growth of traffic to the blog suggests to me that there is, indeed, a group of traders that want more than the usual "buy the green bars and you'll get rich" kind of foolishness.

    What I didn't expect to find when starting the blog was the degree to which readers would share their best trading ideas if I was willing to share mine. Call it Open Source, call it Web 2.0, call it what you will: sharing is far from a zero-sum game when you find the right participants in a community. Perhaps you're finding the same thing on the ET forum.

    During the latter half of the year, I began conducting morning sessions on the blog, in which I posted real time observations about the markets, who was buying/selling, what I was trading, and why. Those sessions quickly became among the most popular blog features. Again, that tells me that traders are looking for more than static education, the same kinds of articles posted on the same kinds of websites. Rather, they're looking for *training*: real-world how-to's. Interestingly, I found that my trading mistakes were as educational for blog visitors as my winning, good trades. They certainly cemented some lessons for me!

    I'm posting this now because I hope more traders will put themselves out there, share their ideas, and help each other in the searching and re-searching for success. Education should never be a one-way stream of information from an active guru-teacher to passive student-followers. At its best, education is an ongoing conversation and a mutual process of discovery.

    May 2007 bring you many fine conversations and discoveries!

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    I read brett's blog everyday, just bought the new book, so look forward to a review.

    Psychology in trading is the biggest factor, and the articles and posts Brett provides are a great offering to the trading world.

    I look forward to more analysis on option trading and the relationship to the major market.
  5. Im actually going to print out every page in the blog and go through it tommorrow. The amount of valuable information in here is astounding.
  6. Dr. Brett, I was wondering if you have ever thought of broadcasting a weekly analysis on Youtube. I am starting to see some blogsters post up excellent graphical presentations on Youtube and think yours would be very powerful.

    Here is an example of one that utilizes youtube. It would probably be time consuming, but the resulting presentation is powerful. You have to love youtube.

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    Hi Hangingman,

    I agree; Brian Shannon does a great job with the video through his Alpha Trends site. My leaning would be to use video more for instructional/training purposes to show how setups emerge in real time; how to set profit targets/stops; etc. A lot of the mechanics of trading can be well illustrated by video. Thanks for the suggestion!

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    In my opinion he should stick to the psychology of the trade, were he excels and stay away from the technical analysis side of trading.

    I would be very cautious following his TA advice.

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    Hey Dr. Brett. As I said earlier, you, Trader-X and Trader Mike are my daily MUST reads. Keep up the great work in 2007.
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