Dr. Ben Carson: Someone Has To Stand Up To The Bullies

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    DR. BENJAMIN CARSON: There are a group of people who would like to silence everybody and have everybody go along to get along, but that's not going to be very helpful for us in the long run, in terms of solving our problems. And somebody has to be courageous enough to actually stand up to, you know, the bullies.


    DR. CARSON: One of the things I also said during the speech is there will be some people who will say, 'but you’re a doctor and you’re a surgeon, you should be sticking to that.' And I mentioned the fact that five physicians signed the Declaration of Independence and were involved in the framing of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and several other things.

    There’s absolutely no reason at all that physicians, scientists, shouldn’t be involved in things that affect all of us. We’re people who've learned how to make decisions based on facts, empirical data, rather than on ideology, and one of the geniuses, one of the real things that made us a great nation, is that we brought people from all backgrounds into the legislative process. So that all of us would be able to place our interests there and we've gone significantly away from that.

    And no one goes up to a lawyer and says why are you getting involved in this, that and the other thing. I don't see why they would say it to a physician, who has more education than anyone else in society.


    DR. CARSON: There’s no question that [President Obama] has advocated, you know, basically a policy of tax the rich. And I have advocated a policy that comes from the Bible, which is a very fair policy of proportional taxation. If it was good enough for God, why wouldn’t it be good enough for us? The minute you deviate away from that, you begin to get into all kinds of biases. And one could legitimately make the argument that the rich pays too many taxes. The top 1% pays 37% of the taxes, the top 5% [pays] 59% of the taxes, but they don't make that much of the income. One could make that argument.


    NEIL CAVUTO, FOX NEWS: Obviously, you got a quite a round of applause there. Some in that room and elsewhere since that video has gone viral have said you should run for president. What do you think of that?

    DR. BENJAMIN CARSON: Well, actually I've had people tell me that for many years now. If I had a nickel for everybody who told me that, I could finance my campaign.

    CAVUTO: You and me both. You and me both. Your reaction to that is what? I mean, you don't think that's for you? You want to be a doctor and help people, what?

    DR. CARSON: I've always said if God grabs me by the collar and sticks me in that arena, that's the only way that I'll do it. But, no, I'm actually going to retire in June from surgery. I will still teach, I will still be involved, but I'm going to retire from surgery, so it does open up a lot of possibilities for me. I'm very focused on education and getting the populace back to where it used to be -- like back in 1831 when Alexis de Tocqueville was so impressed -- because an uneducated populace will fall for anything.

    And if you and you talk to most people, they mean well but they don't have much of a breadth of education, of knowledge, of understanding of what the real issues are and, therefore, they listen to pundits on television who tell them what they're supposed to think and they keep repeating that and pretty soon they say, 'Oh, well that must be true.' (Your World, February 11, 2013)

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    The Republican Party cannot afford to have another Herman Cain running for President. No matter how much common sense or business sense you may have, unless you also possess the political chops to convince the people you are qualified, you just end up further damaging the party image.
  3. Isn't this what the Progressives and especially Odumbo have exploited to build a constituency of ignorant, greedy supporters... who now dominate American politics?

    Benjamin Franklin(?) proclaimed, "We've given you a Republic, if you can keep it". Apparently, we can't. We've lost it. America is now held hostage to the "tyranny of the majority"... and than majority is ignorant, uninformed, greedy parasite citizens... many of whom, I personally believe, should not be entitled to vote.

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    I don't think the guy would run for President. You have to be the type that is willing to have yourself and your family dragged through the mud for at least a year. He doesn't seem the type. But, he would make a good advocate for Conservative ideas.
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    Tsing Tao

    It's over guys. The only thing that can now save the Republic, is the destruction of it and the expulsion of it's citizens into poverty (the ones who are not yet there). Once the whole system comes crashing down, the best we can hope for is a benevolent dictator.

    The rot is too deep, the corruption too broad, and the populace too stupid/brainwashed/uncaring.
  6. Everyone has their opinion. This guy is no more aware then many others so why did you post what he says. Further when a guy starts using god as the reference for what should happen in a Nation that relishes a separation fo church and state - he loses ALL credibility with me! Another far right-wing nut-job who thinks he has some special knowledge of IF there is a god and IF SO what that god could or might want to have happen with the human race and regarding things in this life.

    Total freaks in this country with their far right-wing cult/inculcation attitudes about certain issues like abortion, taxes, helping their fellow-man with health care; but they hate their fellows if they are not exactly like them. Far right-wing hypocrites do not think that anyone in this Country, no matter how much money or assets or income should have to contribute to help others. It's dog-eat-dog; each person taking care of number one and if you are not born in the right situation that's just tough-luck Bro. Guys like tsing-tao and pspr are the poster-child for that misguided "un-god-like" attitude. LOL

    Really disgraceful if you think about the big picture, and what purpose there might actually be to this life.

    Funny countries like UK and France and even Cuba allow for national health assistance. But greed-mongers in the USA says - "hey bud,pull yourself up by your f--king boot straps and stop being lazy."

    Total joke the far right-wing loser hypocrites.
  7. fortunately there are only a handful of nutjobs like you with their chronic pessimism. Losers like you have appeared in every generation. Back in the days of civil rights, Vietnam and the like. You were the nujobs back in then (and I was there) who said "America - Love it or Leave it!". You were the loser hypocrites who supported crooks like Agnew and Nixon et.al.

    I think it's clear that history shows that losers with your exaggerated negative thinking - have been fully discredited.
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    Max E.

    Another tough day in the market iceman? How much did you lose today?

  9. Right and whole systems of belief based on *getting something for nothing always fail.

    In case you are lost that's exactly the economic foundation of liberalism/socialism/communism and Keynesian economics .

    You folks despite your intentions have to be either insane or stupid.
  10. History is rife with examples... indicates this to be the "end game". The only question is our case, "how long does it take"?

    (How stupid and greedy can we be to repeat the HUGE mistakes of the past when it's been so well documented?)

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