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    I am looking for anyone who has taken Dr, Barry Burnes Coaching program. Likes, dislikes, scam or not.

  2. A doctorate in hypnotherapy and NLP, now teaching trading? Ahhhh, I would recommend caution..... Sounds like a very slick character.
  3. Did someone mention NLP?

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  4. LOL! According to wikipedia under hypnotherapy doctorate ( looked it up cause it sounded bogus to me) - it's an unrecognized degree and it's actually a criminal offense in many states to call yourself doctor if it's from an unaccredied institution.

    Imagine a guy who can hypnotize you and sell you trading secrets. Now I have heard everything!!
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    I have taken his courses and I have even installed the template on Ninja Trader. I learned a different point of view on how to use stoch,macd,cycles, momentum and trend. I have not backtested the method. However,I don't use it in the way he teaches it. I have my own style and use it as a "background" tool.I use some elements of his method .Can I continue to trade without it YES and NO. Yes, because I do have my own style and NO,because it has become a "road map" that keeps me from straying and it has added to my confidence level which is essential in trading.

    One last comment. Dr. Burns is pretty straight forward.Does he actually trade for a living maybe so,but I really don't have a clue.
    The cost at least for me has been worth it.
  6. quite a good introduction to TA for noobs, the system works on longer tfs, but signals are very, very rare...

    not sure what he's charging now, but a couple of years ago it was overpriced for what you actually got imo...

    system relies heavily on stochastics, which is lagging and prone to false signals, just my opinion, I know quite a few traders who use the indicator successfully tho'...
  7. A phoney hypnotherapy doctor pitching trading fibonaci.

    Ahhhh, ok. Sounds completely legit to me.
  8. If you can't offer an objective and unbiased opinion, especially if you are not familiar with the content in question, then don't post... You are not helping the opening poster...
  9. There is NO such thing as a real doctorate of hypnotherapy. He calls himself doctor because he has one from a non- accredited university. It is ILLEGAL to call yourself DOCTOR unless the degree is from an accredited university. Does this seem deceitful and bogus to you? Or is this legit in your world?

    Do the math
  10. So sue him then...

    Don't reply to me, I couldn't give a toss what kind of doctorate he has legit or not, I got bigger fish to fry son...
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