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    I am looking to hear from anyone who has taken Dr, Barry Burns coaching program or anyone who has an opinion about him.

  2. ===============
    I thought his free trading articles were worth reading;
    cool cheetah picture-''When you love too much.Copyright 2007

    Not in the same class as [3]Jack Schwager top-trader books[earlier copyright];
    may or may not have'' borrowed'' the cheetah illustration from Mark Weinstein, nickname high % trader.

    No I wouldnt spent any money for a trading coach;
    books are free @ public library. Like a costly private library also

    12 hours a day, 6 days a week work;
    work years, work decades, do that.I had an ABSOLUTELY amazing high percentage when i first started trading-amazing high percent losers.LOL:D
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    i "found" the courses somewhere. they are very good once you get it down. I am starting to trade this way this week since everything else is crap mostly.

    the problem is not that you can get the info for free. but nobody is putting it all in one place and nobody knows how to make any sense out of any of it so the price would be worth it If you can afford to buy it. my friend did and he swears by it and won't trade any other way.
  4. when i started to learn trading i took his course, its worth the money.
    He is a good guy. He can gives you a lot of good ideas, that you can put into your studies of the markets and your strategies.

    I dont like his strategies, but he gave me some good ideas.

    by the way, the only homepage i know where you can get the only good trading stuff is "ino.com -> ino.tv" thats the best, i hope they dont close it until i burnt all the videos on cd,dvd. Al lot of cool stuff.

  5. is that this guy?? i heard he sells a bunch of crap on the net.

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    I read the post responses with interest and to some extent bemusement. The forex scene is awash with shameful get rich quick shysters taking money from a market of approaching 12 million retail traders. Add in the rest of the retail traders Stocks Shares Options Futures and there is a deep deep sea of money to be fished.

    However, making money from a set of video instructions is very hit and miss if not impossible.

    I will defend Dr Burns in that he does often point out that the markets are totally unpredictable and the information given in his courses is not the golden goose.

    It is like flying a plane or driving a car, a video and e-book can show the way but practice, attitude, money/risk management etc are individual traits that may or may not exist in his customers.

    Other mentors teach similar concepts with no promises of success.

    Dr Burns may be mega wealthy and a marketeer, but his trading concepts are sound and he has many interesting valid points. No idea about his alternative income streams.

    I don't put him in the scammers league and wanted to balance some of the negativity
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