DPZ a fantastic long-term play

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  1. $10 by the summer. People in the south / mid-west love this crap.
  2. I don't have the stomach to buy and hold anything in current market conditions.

    What's got you so worked up on DPZ anyway? It was crushed after the Q3 report. Q4 and Q1 look worse.
  3. A great durable competitive advantage.

    Look, in this market you can't make decisions based on their quarterly reports. Almost every company today is going to have a depleted earnings forecast.

    The thing with Domino's is that it has the consistency and name brand recognition to be able to get through these tough times. They sell a product that everyone needs (food) is cheap, and convenient. Pizza provides one of the highest profit margins in the food business. (about 400% profit on every pizza). Not only that, but when you think about getting pizza delivery, you think Dominos. If not them then you think Pizza Hut or Papa John's (the latter of which is going to be out of business by the end of the year... a good short today :p) So they have minimal competition. How do they have minimal competition you might say, with all of these small pizza joints around town? Well, that is true in the northeast. We have the best pizza in Boston and New York. But everywhere else, where the pizza-making immigrants are scarce, their pizza sucks!! So to them - Domino's is the way to go.
  4. Dude, your objectivity is amazing, except for the part about "East Coast" pizza being the best. :cool:
  5. Are you talking to yourself or does there just happen to be two jones responding to each other:confused:eek:
  6. Your username is an eyesore.
  7. Actually if you read it properly you will see that I did not say Domino's pizza sucks.

    DPZ mo'fuggaaaaaaaaaaaa! I'm rich biotch
  8. DPZ is surging. Appears to be a great short term play also!

  9. Okay. That's not me. That's wasn't even me in the 8th grade.
  10. Me too. I don't speak "ghetto". :)
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