Dowstomper indicator

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    Anyone knows how to calculate the above?
  2. presumably the inventors do :) :)

    But seriously folks, they explained it on a while back, but the article seems to have been taken down. I'll have a dig in my local pc and see if I can find it for you.

    As I recall, the idea was simple but the implementation wasn't, for some reason.
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    looking forward to your reply :)
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    thanks rcj... but i knew of the website way before i posted this thread... I am interested in knowing how it works
  6. It looks like they backdated their most recent call
  7. They sure did! That makes two in a row they've
    backdated now.

    It's a google ads scam. To get the latest signal, you
    have to click on the google ads. Same for the up to
    date trade list.

    Not a bad idea for a scam, just no good for trading.

    Dr. Emilio
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    I don't think they did.
    You have to follow their signal by clicking at the "current signal" link and follow the instructions.
    If you check it out just before the market closes, it will give you the next days signal, (they publish it BEFORE the next days open) with the opportunity to take the signal before the market closes so you can get in at the best price which is before the market closes.
    I know that they keep changing the heading of their link (for reasons that you know..) but the signals have not been changing or been delayed (check their site before the market opens).
    You have to be a member to get the Current signal, which is FREE :D
  9. Sorry, can't find the formula on my machine - it may be on my old laptop which is at the beach house so I can't check for it right now.

    As for the signals changing, I'm screenshotting it every day.

    I see no 'changes'.

    Also, you don't have to click on anything to 'get the latest signals' except the link to the latest signals.

    So I'm with Buzzee.

    here's the latest screenshot for those of you who haven't figured out how to 'print screen' yet.
  10. I wanted to edit my original post but it wont let me -

    edit - here are a couple more. 27th march 19th march

    I also feel obliged to point out for any newbies here, that much as I am impressed by the balls demonstrated by people prepared to trade a free system, I have to point out that the real issue is NOT 'fake results' or any crap like that (it's easy enough to prove they are genuine results - just screenshot it every day) - its the fact that you have no idea how it works and have no support on it.

    If I can find the metastock code for it I'll post it up - at least then we'll have some way of determining how it works. In the meantime, buyer beware!
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