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    I feel like having a "like" button without a corresponding "dislike" button is detrimental to not only free speech, but also as a good gauge for figuring out the value of a post and also value of the poster.

    We know Facebook and other crap social media sites just try and increase viewership with no attempt to increase the value of the content. But I think you @Baron are striving for more here at ET, and it just makes sense that to properly gauge the value of content, it would be incredible beneficial to be able to track the up-vote/down-vote ratio.

    Youtube had this until they got rid of it, and it was so useful. If you saw a video on lets say how to fix your toilet, if you saw the dislike button had a huge number of clicks, it was obvious that this video can just be skipped as it either contained useless information, dangerous information, or not even relevant to the title. I often even watched heavily disliked videos just to see what all the fuss was about, and sure enough, the dislike button was spot on with the assessment.

    So being able to see which comments have dislikes, not only likes, would be beneficial.

    Also, in the few past months, I've ignored posters JackMorgan and MacBookProHo who in my opinion are completely useless posters. But I think it would be incredibly useful/fun to see a list of who the most ignored posters are.

    I bet that you will see a trend in that the most disliked posts probably come from the most ignored posters.
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    Baron currently (has for a long time) has a list in the member's section that shows which members have the "Most Likes".
    • He should do the same for which threads have the most likes and which message posts have the most likes...the same for "Dislikes".
    Further, he should exclude any counting from the Political section considering it has absolutely nothing to do with trading. This way we can get a true measurement of the noise ratio and should encourage members to make more quality threads, and message posts about trading in the threads outside of the Political section.

    It's becoming more common now that new members join the forum to only make a few message posts in the trading threads and then they head straight to the Political threads to show their real intention.

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  3. Really? A dislike button? Like on YouTube, there would be a ton of people just going around disliking for the fun of it. Like you just said, you dislike Facebook when others do like Facebook.

    So, what is the use of seeing others not liking it? Liking or disliking doesn't increase the value of the content. Why would anyone take the word of someone else's opinion anyway? I would bet that is one of the reasons YouTube got rid of the dislike option.
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    I dislike your opinion of the idea.

    HAHHA, see? That is hilariously funny! That is why you will like my post! WHEEE!

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  5. The World is full of dislikes, cake always makes it better. Cake for the win.
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