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  1. Any suggestions on a program to download stock prices. I use the data in Supercharts. A fellow ET member helped me write a small java utility that used awk, but it stopped working for me a few months ago and I have no clue whats wrong. Just cant get it to work.

    I have looked at Hquote and Stock quotes express, did trials of both and they are ok for what I need. Does anyone know of other software that would fit my need? Thanks for any help.
  2. you could try amiquote

    I created small utility which let me fetch EOD data (not from Yaho, but from nasdaq). it is just a hack but it appends data so no need to download twice the same thing . but I will release it only when I do somo more testing. (it take s15 minutes to download all amex stocks data (1 year ))
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    Can these programs handle splits for historical data?
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  6. i use routers (installs with metastock) but get feed from yahoo so its free
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    there in attachment you can download app I was talking about,
    it is a simple script;
    - it loads ticker data from stocks.txt (you need to edit it and put custom symboly )
    -fetches data from nasdaq web page (splits adjusted)
    -saves in xls (actually txt) file
    -if earlier data was already downloaded, just append fresh data to the end of file

    (you need rebol/view to use it, download from

    (in attachment I put stocks from DJIA, if you need list for nasdaq or amex or all nyse stocks, just ask.)
  8. I downloaded the newest version of quotemonster thinking that they have the url fixed but it still does not work and I cant even find where the url is listed .

    Hquote and stock quotes both have very easy spilt adjustments.

    I tried the Amiquote and downloaded some symbols but cant figure out how to use the .ach files it produces.

    I downloaded your zip file and the rebol stuff , I am so confused with that I really have no clue on how to make it work, I will keep trying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you to everyone
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    I am using the smartdownloader from
    It is working fine. Downloads all the EOD data from yahoo and integrates seemlessly with the metastock offline.
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