Downloading Historic Stock Data From Tradestation $$

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  1. Hi Tradestation / easylanguage experts,

    I've seen tools online, such as Murray Ruggiero's that enable a TS user to download historic data to .csv files. However, this is one stock at a time.

    Anyone know of any tools out there (or native ability) to create a large list of stock symbols for download at once / consecutively / or with minimal intervention?

    I'm looking for 5m data: OHLCV; US equities; back-adjusted for splits; including de-listed. I'd like to download a LOT of symbols, in batches if easier. I'd want the full history in TS.

    Ideally I'd have a tool I can use to update these files in future. (Happy to pay for it if you're a developer, please contact me).

    ** Otherwise, I'm always interested if people have suggestions for cheap historic minute data that is back-adjusted!! ** e.g. IQ Feed is great, but not adjusted. For EOD data I use Norgate, which is excellent.

    PS: Why is it in TS I can search for (and find) a de-listed symbol, like AATI!, but when I go to chart it I see nothing?

    Thanks all!
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